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February, the longest month of the year

How is it possible that the shortest month of the year turn out to be the longest one? Even today, being February 28th, we are counting hours for this month to finish. We usually try with all our stories to be on a positive mood, the fact is that that’s how we always try to see things, with the glass as half full. But, sometimes, and just sometimes, days seem eternal, what you expect doesn’t come and what you don’t it ends up happening. And I am still contemplating the idea of publishing this post or not, because I know that when better times come and I feel more cheerful I might regret of writing this to let off some steam. However, it’s just fine, we will keep things in the family..
We love, I mean, I love watching shows like Ellen Degeneres or The Tonight Show, they’re most of the time entertaining and full of overcoming stories. Only yesterday, watching an interview to Kanye West, Ellen asked him «what have you done to stop reflecting/feeling so angry?», I’m not even a big fan of him, I might just like a couple of his songs, but I liked his answer. He said «I have realised that if I keep acting the same way nothing is going to change, if I want to obtain different results I will have to do something different»(paraphrasing him a bit of course, cause I watch this show at night half asleep and in English…:P) But it is like that, we can’t expect to achieve our goals if we don’t work hard enough to do it. Feeling down is part of the journey, but even if you’re just trying to see the bright side, the simple fact of trying helps you to grow spiritually and sometimes temporally.

So here they are…the positive things of this month of February (we could share our little ups and downs and challenges, but what for?! everyone has enough of that already…;) :

*Julia tells me «I love you very much» every night. (before she used to just say «very much») now she says the whole sentence and gives me a kiss.
Eli and Julia

*Sam and I have started new projects and we have been able to buy the equipment we needed!

*We have replaced the gym for long walks and a bit of cycling.

*Julia is developing herself in all areas, she’s full of curiosity and personality. Every day you learn something new with her witticisms.
Sam y Julia

*The love of our families is being reflected by the members in our ward from Church. We won’t have here our loved ones, but Julia has many «nanas» and «grandpas» that give her cuddles, play with her and make her laugh, and that, it’s just priceless.
relief society logo original

Let’s stop here, we promise next post will be full of colour and good «vibes» along with Spring and the nice weather that will arrive soon…for now, we’ll stick with February for a few more hours.

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