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My Biomechanical Assessment at David Brown Podiatry – Review and Discount CODE

Have you ever tried to build a Lego Tower with your children? Well, any mum or dad out there, knows that the key is to have a strong base. Unless what you’re really looking for is to have your tower…


The 5 stages of Covid-19 Lockdown Family #lockdowndiaries

Lockdown in UK started on 23rd March so that means we have been ‘Staying Home, Saving Lives, Protecting the NHS’ for over 7 weeks now by the time I’m writing this blog post. I thought that what a better time…


Best spots in and around Manchester for a family day out

As a family with young children we are always looking for those new spots in and around Manchester that will make the most of our time together. So every time we come with some new ideas we like sharing them…


The perfect family day out this Christmas – Skate Manchester REVIEW

Shall we all accept that winter is here despite the fact is not 21st December yet?! Many families with little kids struggle to know what to do when the weather outside is not warm enough to go outdoors. That’s us!…


10 things I want my 8 year old daughter to know before her baptism

If you have been following our blog posts for a while you may already know that we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In our church, children become official members when they turn 8 years…


Let’s talk about ‘WEIGHT LOSS’! – My Slimpod Gold Program Review

It’s been a while since the last time I shared something in our family blog. Summer has gone by, back to school is done and now we are trying to settle into our new routines. At some point I am…


Best places for a family day out in Manchester

The weather has started to get nicer and warmer so you and the family start having that tinkle in your tummies of ‘where should I go?’, ‘what shall we do today?’ Well, if you are visiting Manchester for the first…


Steak with Sweet Potato Bravas Recipe – #MeatMatters

It’s been a while since we shared something in our blog and it’s been even longer since sharing a recipe with all of you! But, we’ve been challenged to tell you one of our favourite meat recipes and this one…


The Best 5 ideas to help you achieve your new year resolutions

January is the month of new year resolutions. Everyone wants to achieve something and always believe that the start of a new year is the perfect time to do it. We then move into February, March, Spring comes, and all…


Playing with I’M A GIRLY doll – Review

A few weeks ago we were invited to attend the launch of I’M A GIRLY doll in London. Since I told my little one about it she had been counting the days to meet this cool doll from Switzerland. Finally…


How I overcame frustration and disappointment

It was about time that I wrote a blog post and shared with all of you some of our latest experiences. The last couple of months have been tough. I didn’t have the strength to write because I didn’t have…


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