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About Us

Welcome to our multilingual family blog, written in English and Spanish! We’re happy to see you stopped by to read more about us.

First things first, WHY “The Family Treasure”?

Ok, we are not pirates lovers going on a treasure hunt, it has nothing to do with that, promise! But for us where your treasure is, there will your heart be also and thus our family and family relationships are centred to our lives. Everything that we talk about in this little corner of the blogosphere has to do with who we are, what are we becoming and all the bibs and bobs in between. You can find all sorts of topics, as life itself: from travel to parenting, days out to my mummy’s musings, our children diaries or even reviews and giveaways. We hope you never get bored and find something in here that you can apply in your own family to make it feel stronger and happier, just as we are trying to be also!

So, WHO are we?

The Writer: That’s me! Eliana 🙂


Since mums can multi-task I am in charge of reporting, taking care, keeping a record and sharing with the world out there our family adventures. When I started blogging I thought that my degree and background in advertising& public relations would be a good starting point. So naive I was.. It has helped, indeed, don’t get me wrong, but BLOGGING is a whole new thing that I’m learning and loving more and more every day. I adore my little family of two under 5 and one over 29 😉 If you don’t find me in front of my laptop means I am juggling all the other things -house chores, school runs, work, days out or whenever possible some “me”time.

The stars of the blog


about-us-j about-us-e


J is definitely for sure the pretty face of this site! She’s only 5 years old but has broken many hearts already with her bubbling and sparking personality. She can be from the pinky princess little girl to the fanatic super heroine. She is compassionate, a really good friend and quite cheeky most of the times. You can read our latest conversations with her here!



Baby E was born in February 2016 and therefore getting closer and closer to the big 1! He is such a lovely tender baby boy. As my parents say -this baby only cries if it’s for a good reason! He is a smiley bubbly and cheeky little man that loves his sister to death. Everyone is in love with his curls! Which ironically enough didn’t have when he was born, he was born with a lot of hair, yes, but it was dark and straight..haha

My other half.. Sam


This Brazilian charming prince gained my heart when we met in Barcelona, more than 7 years ago. He loves Brazil, and is very faithful to his roots, so much that he never thought of getting married with someone from outside his country..but you know, we always say that God has an interesting sense of humour and hence forth decided to cross our paths 😀 As a film-maker and audiovisual technician he is my point of reference whenever I need to edit an image or a video! and he is the “constant” in my life for everything else!


Well, now you’ve had a glance of who is behind these adventures. Hope you stay a bit longer and enjoy reading our posts, and if you’re a brand/company interested in collaborating with us just give us a shout. 🙂


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