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My Biomechanical Assessment at David Brown Podiatry – Review and Discount CODE

Have you ever tried to build a Lego Tower with your children? Well, any mum or dad out there, knows that the key is to have a strong base. Unless what you’re really looking for is to have your tower tumble and fall and your toddler cracking themselves up because of it. 😀

Just like with Lego, just like with any important structures really, we need to make sure we have a firm and steady base. As a mum of two young children, running my own business, doing school runs and all the chores at home, it can get especially hard to find that foundation. That’s why when I was invited for a Biomechanical Assessment at David Brown Podiatry, I thought ‘This is my opportunity!’.

Biomechanical Assessment Review 3

People don’t usually pay much attention to their feet. It’s actually one of the last things you think of unless you have some issues with them. But the truth is that many other aches in our body can be completely related to the way we walk, we move around, the way we step.

For instance, when I went to see David I mentioned to him that my feet were not too bad, I couldn’t complain much about them but it was more my knees that were hurting. I explained to him that not too long ago the doctor said I probably had arthritis on both knees so he prescribed some pain killers. That is a different story, but let me tell you, being 37, 36 actually at the time, and the doctor giving that diagnosis to you, was eye-opening! -to say the least. I didn’t want to carry on aging and being completely dependent on pain killers to properly function.

I visited the Bridgeman centre clinic, specialised in Sports Podiatry, where I had my biomechanical assessment. You might be wondering ‘what is a biomechanical assessment?’ and ‘do you really need one?’ Keep reading and you’ll find out.

David Brown Podiatry Review 1

At first when David told me about it, to me it sounded more like something out of a Robocop movie! lol then he explained the benefits of it and how accurate and efficient can be. I thought to myself, I am not an athlete! unless you consider running your house and your own business while keeping everyone happy and alive an Olympic Sport! But the truth is these type of assessments can be for the casual walker to the professional sports person. We all need to know how to improve our movement so our bodies can take us wherever we want to go!

What is a Biomechanical assessment then?

It’s a type of assessment that identifies whether your muscles, joints and nerves are working properly and how that translates in relation with the movement of your legs and feet. That is why it’s so important to have the right professional guiding you on this test. David performed various tests during my appointment.

Biomechanical Assessment Review 7

We used a Force Platform to highlight my gait patterns, areas of pressure and identify some other walking problems.

Biomechanical Assessment Review 9

I also went into the treadmill for a few minutes so he could analyse not only my gait at the foot but also see abnormal movement above them, so on my other muscles and nerves, such as joints, calves, and legs in general.

Biomechanical Assessment Review 8

The best thing about David is that he translates all that data from the assessment into an easy to understand and follow through guideline. I wouldn’t do anything to be honest, with a bunch of numbers and graphics, but it was very useful for me to realise that one of my sides is stronger than the other one, that the way I walk on the inner side causes my posture and my knees to be affected.

Biomechanical Assessment Review 6

Only when you truly understand what’s wrong is when you can start working on yourself and doing something about it. To improve my posture and my gait he gave me a pair of orthotic insoles. But unlike in maybe other places, these are not only measured and adjusted to the exact shape of your own feet and the purpose why you need them but actually are done right there at that same appointment. They are shaved and altered to fit in your shoes right there. In just a matter of minutes, with the latest technology available they create these insoles for you. You literally walk away with them without having to wait for someone to make them up or delivery times!

Biomechanical Assessment Review 5

Would just the insoles be the cure for all my aches?

NO. But David was very clear on this too. He recommended me specific exercises to strengthen the muscles on my legs, and especially my calves. He also suggested quite strongly (without being rude! 😀 hehe) that I needed to lose weight. I know! nobody likes to carry an extra ’30kg backpack’ wherever they go, right?! And he also mentioned that I needed to be patient when wearing the insoles. At first I might feel discomfort but eventually they would adjust and I’d start to feel the difference.

Biomechanical Assessment Review 4

What are the results a few months later?

Well, a global pandemic, 2 national lockdowns and home-schooling our children for a while, while at the same time trying to keep our own businesses afloat, I must say they worked! yes :).  The insoles managed all that and much more. Because I actually listened to David’s advice and started training. With the help of hubby, who is a Personal Trainer, he created different programs for me and adjusted them to my progress. I started eating healthier and walking and running more.

Biomechanical Assessment Review 10

In the beginning I noticed the insoles would feel strange and uncomfortable at times. So I stopped using them for a few weeks, and then went back to use them with breaks in between. Eventually they did adjusted to my gait and I blended into them. I work with little ones and I noticed that following all those guidelines made a real difference. I don’t need to take painkillers for my knees anymore, which to me, that’s an absolute PLUS!

With all this experience I’ve realised that our bodies are very wise. If we listen to them and give them exactly what they need and not what ‘we want’ they will definitely take us wherever we want to go!

Biomechanical Assessment Review 11

Like in any of our reviews I didn’t want to leave our readers empty handed, so David Brown Podiatry and their team were very kind and offered a discount for all of you.

  • Biomechanical Assessment which usually cost £75 for ONLY £50! when using the code: BIO2020
  • Sports Biomechanical Assessment, usually £125, for just £75!! using the code: SPORTS2020

** You need to quote the code when booking. The special rates are available when booking your appointment during 2020 (so you’ve got one month left!) but you can book your actual date for 2021. 😉

(select ‘Bridgeman Centre‘ and add the code in the ‘NOTES’ section)

If you’ve got any questions about what assessment might be good for you or any other queries related just get in touch with them at: info@davidbrownpodiatry.co.uk or via any of their Social Media Channels.

Obviously is not only about assessments! They offer many other services at the clinic: nail surgery, orthotics, medical pedicure and much more. Just have a look at their website!

And by the way, I didn’t mention this to you cause I am not much into football, but David not only knows all about ‘feet’ because he’s a qualified podiatrist, he’s also experienced first hand the importance of looking after them as a professional football player for Manchester United, Hull City, Chester City and many others. So he knows how to talk from his own experience and expertise at the same time.

**Disclosure: Assessment cost and insoles were gifted as part of this Review but opinions are honest and my own.

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