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The 5 stages of Covid-19 Lockdown Family #lockdowndiaries

Lockdown in UK started on 23rd March so that means we have been ‘Staying Home, Saving Lives, Protecting the NHS’ for over 7 weeks now by the time I’m writing this blog post.

I thought that what a better time than now when we have ‘all the time’ in the world to share on our blog how we’ve faced these new measures since this whole pandemic started. So here we are, our five stages of Covid-19 Lockdown:

Stage 1. DENIAL / Pre-lockdown life or in other words – Conspiracy, just the flu or is this for real?

I remember sitting at the dinning table with my in-law family discussing the new ‘flu’. Many opinions were raised, from ‘Come on! You’re not going to believe it too this whole thing of the new virus, right?’ to… ‘This thing can kill us all!’ The truth is we could never imagine how real this thing would get. If you would have told someone then that everything was going to be shut down, schools closed, people furloughed (the new word we all had to learn T_T) and even McDonalds closing its doors, nobody would have believed you. Not in the wildest movies you would see something like this. And yes, by now, we all have probably watched ‘Contagion’ in Netflix just to feel that we can now relate to Matt Damon.

So yes, we were in that Denial Stage where we couldn’t believe what was going on…unless you actually had caught the terrible virus. Which made us all move to…

Stage 2. Oh no! I think I’m gonna die!

Which is basically how we all felt at some point or another every time our throat was raspy and red. In the midst of all the chaos I don’t know how many times I googled ‘Covid19 symptoms’ Going one by one checking that none of us had caught the bug. The truth is that one of our children and hubby had just recently come out of a tonsilitis. A couple of weeks later I got it too so it really threw me to bed for 2-3 days. I don’t think I had it though because I didn’t feel breathless at any time.

Actually, and before I forget, in between Stage 1 and Stage 2 we have another ‘mini-stage’ called the:

Why the heck toilet paper???

There was a time when society thought the cure to all their problems was to have a well looked-after rear side. And they decided to buy packets and packets of toilet paper. I am still wondering why to be honest. Like I understand that if you had to self-isolate you would need to have that in your bathrooms but…that much???!! Among all those items of most necessity it was also mission impossible to find pasta, even wholeweat pasta! (which is the one we eat at home) and flour. Flour actually till this week is almost impossible to buy but I heard it has to do with China, but anyway don’t take my word for that!

Let’s move on to Stage 3. The new way of ‘Homeschooling’

When the schools closed we were nervous but excited about the idea of being able to organise our own kids’ education. We made a cute schedule on Canvas, print it out and during the first couple of weeks we followed an almost 3h schedule each day of : English, Phonics, Geography, History, Maths, Geometry, Spelling, Arts and Music.

We would encourage our 8 and 4 year old to follow it and to be comitted to it. After week 1 we started twiching it little by little. One day, I remember it quite well because it was a Thursday, we decided to not follow the schedule. Actually we didn’t follow anything at all that day. We played in the garden, did some drawing, painting…and that’s when a whole world opened up.

We realised we were no tight to anything. We could decide to move it around however we pleased. We all felt LIBERATED.

To be honest there are still some rules we follow at home for our own sanity, such as:

No Tv, tablet before doing some homeschooling.

Morning routine has to be done: brushing teeth, changing clothes, personal prayer and scripture study. (this one is very cute to see our little boy with his scriptures with pictures studying them and highlighting some of the words like his sister is doing)

But yes, it feels good to follow some sort of schedule but it feels GREAT to break it every once in a while or all the time! Whatever works better for your family really.

And family is our subject for the next Stage…

Stage 4. Missing our people…

By now you have probably try one of the many platforms out there to communicate with your loved ones. We have done Zoom sessions, WhatsApp video calls, Instagram Videos, Facebook Chats, we have even felt for TikTok and started doing silly videos just to make our friends laugh a little.


There was a time when we were allowed to travel to visit family… (quick stop on our road trip from Manchester to Barcelona-Summer2019)

On the brightside we feel it has made us closer to some members of our family but in general after a while you always get to the same conclusion: You miss them! We are missing seeing our families, face to face, being able to hug them, enjoy our time together, play a game, see the children running up and down together.

Good weather makes it more bearable because whenever there is sunshine it gives you that hope for better things to come but it gets hard sometimes. Which makes us move forward to Stage 5.

Stage 5. The Unknown

Not only on days of the week, where you can’t remember if it’s the weekend or if the week already started! But the uncertainty on many aspects of your lives. Your children’s education, your job status, your income, your summer holidays, if you were trying to plan one…and many other things.

I believe this is one of the hardest stages because it’s the one that can bring you to a breaking point. The one that sometimes gives you a sense of no purpose at all in your day. At home, we have all experienced that, especially, Sam and I, have had days where finding a purpose was quite hard. But whenever we have been able to fight that feeling we have achieved good things that day, that week, that month.

So what stage are you at the moment? I read somewhere on Facebook that we are all in the same storm but not on the same boat. For us, lockdown means good days and some tough ones. For other families out there these last seven weeks might have been a nightmare fighting for their lives and for the ones they love. For other ones, they’re able to create idillic family times and memories that weren’t able to do before this quarantine.

Whatever the Stage I would say, keep fighting, good days will come. You know what they say, “Everything will be alright at the end, and if it’s not alright, it is not the end.

Unknown or not we can decide what we will do to make that day worth living. Here some of our achievements during this time of lockdown. Because whatever the circumstances it’s always good to remember the positives, and make from the negatives a learning lesson.


We’ve done Painting lessons, Bake Off Challenges, Home Church meeting, Girls & Boys sleep overs and even tried some ‘Gardening’!


Part of their ‘Homeschooling’ has been learning to fold up their clothes, cooking some dishes, painting rocks, and so much more!


And let’s not forget the many many walks we’ve done 😀 Every day was a new adventure!

BUT, and there is always a BUT, REMEMBER ‘the garden seems always greener on the other side!’ You are seeing here a glimpse of our smiley faces and good times as a family. The bad and the worst moments we embrace them in private to help us keep going till the happy ones come back again. 😉


  1. Rosa Maria
    Monday May 11th, 2020 / 07:00 AM

    Muchas gracias por compartir tus reflexiones. Es verdad q estamos en la misma tormenta pero en diferente barco. Cada uno con sus propios desafios. Cuando esto pase y pasara tu y Sam habreis enseñando a J y E lo mas importante en la vida que de hecho no sera adquirir mas conocimento en geografia o matematicas sino en buscar luz y saber disfrutarla dentro de tinieblas. Un beso y un abrazo

  2. Rosa Maria
    Monday May 11th, 2020 / 07:02 AM

    Me encanto las 5 etapas del COVID19. Muy ciertas.

    • elituesbay
      Thursday November 26th, 2020 / 12:58 PM

      gracias mami. Ahi seguimos!

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