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The perfect family day out this Christmas – Skate Manchester REVIEW

Shall we all accept that winter is here despite the fact is not 21st December yet?! Many families with little kids struggle to know what to do when the weather outside is not warm enough to go outdoors. That’s us! It might be because we come from warmer countries but it gets really difficult to find something exciting apart from going to your usual indoor soft playground…


Luckily for this family of 4, Skate Manchester invited us to their opening night on November 8th.

At first my husband and I almost got ourselves into an argument of who was going to be the ‘chosen one’ to go ice skating. The thing is that last winter when we were in Barcelona visiting family we tried one of the ice rinks there and I ended up falling. (like many people usually experience in this type of events) BUT I wasn’t on my best mood that day and the whole experience left me feeling quite disappointed with myself so I didn’t want to try it again. But the odds didn’t let me go with that plan and since hubby was poorly that week he ended up being our photographer for the night and I was the one on skates with the kids. Yeah! ¬¬’

The days before the event I was a bit apprehensive with the whole thing, but I didn’t want to let down our children…

who were counting the days, minutes and seconds to meet with their friends and enjoy themselves. SO, finally the day arrived and I decided that the worst thing that could happen is that I would fall again but at least the kids would have a lovely time. We also invited some friends to join us for the night.

mnc_ice_skating_famtreasure_3The evening was cold as has been for the last few weeks but the whole atmosphere in Manchester City Centre was perfect. We found parking just around the corner of the Cathedral Gardens where the ice rink is located. We didn’t have to sell a kidney to pay for it because it was a street parking that went up to 8pm so we only paid for 1h.


Next to the Cathedral, the Manchester Christmas Markets were opening their stalls for the first time this year.

There was a lady singing live near one of them. Music all around, beautiful Christmas lights, the smell of hot chocolate and us ready to go ice skating. The staff of Skate Manchester made everything easy and smooth for us. We just handed our shoes, told our sizes and got our skates ready. We had previously told them that we would need some aids for the children so they were ready for us. Three little penguins and a yellow sleight for our 3 year old, who despite being over the moon to be there, wasn’t that keen on the idea of feeling ‘wobbly’ when stepping with his skates.


The girls were just so excited that even though they started the night holding the penguins tightly the ended up leaving them aside and showing off their new ice skating skills after a little while. As for me, the lady in the black coat that was quite exhausted from a day of work and thought she was going to fall again, I ended up having the time of my life.

You know how sometimes, as a parent, you will do many things for your kids, among them, many will be sacrifices that you wouldn’t do if you didn’t love them to death. Like this whole invitation started like a bit of a struggle for me that I was going to do because I wanted my children to have a great time. However, I had an amazing time too!


To me, those are the best family days out, not only the ones you see others having fun…

but the ones that you experience that fun as a whole family too. It’s true, I might not have looked my best but honestly I cared so little that day. That evening I was ice skating again, laughing with our friends, pushing my little boy around the rink. Going on my own, trying a few curves that I used to do when I was younger. It just FELT SO GOOD.


So do I recommend it as a good family day out option this Christmas?

YES! If you can, put on some skates yourself too, don’t let the children have all the fun. Enjoy the time WITH them, being present, laughing with them. Remember, the worst that could happen is that you fall down. But isn’t that what it’s all about? OR you could do it as a date night. We saw a few couples holding hands, laughing with each other, it was so adorable! It was like being in one of those romantic Christmas movies! haha…


Best way for a GOOD night SLEEP 😉

Anyway, plan your day out with the family or your date with your partner or friends. Check their dates and prices on their website, because I believe they’re only on until 5th January! AND most importantly, let yourself go, lose yourself, laugh with those around you as you all try to survive the slippery surface and I promise you that you will have the time of your life!


** Disclousure: we were given tickets for the purpose of this review but opinions have been honest and our own.

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