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Let’s talk about ‘WEIGHT LOSS’! – My Slimpod Gold Program Review

It’s been a while since the last time I shared something in our family blog. Summer has gone by, back to school is done and now we are trying to settle into our new routines. At some point I am sure I will be able to share with you all a few personal reflections and other interesting information that might help some families out there. For now, let’s talk about ‘WEIGHT LOSS’  or in my case the ‘NO weight loss’ lol 

weight loss

Last Spring I attended a Blogging Event called BlogON where I met Sandra Roycroft-Davis from Thinking Slimmer. She presented to us her ‘Slimpod Gold’ program. 

When I heard the why’s, the advantages of taking this journey it resonated with me quite well. She was talking about no diets, creating new habits, teaching yourself how to eat well. Isn’t that what we all want? 

Well, I’ve done it! At the end of August this year I finished the 12 weeks Slimpod Gold program. And here are my thoughts about it. 

3 Reasons why I liked it very much

  1. The convenience and simplicity of the programme itself. You have 4 audio pods. One about weight loss, another one about controlling your sugar cravings, a third one about relaxation and a last one about exercising more. 

For the first 4-6 weeks you need to listen to every night to the weight loss pod. They say it’s better at night. The message goes straight into your subconscious and retrains your brain to make better choices during the day. So without realising you stop having that many cravings and start eating healthier. 


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This is my #week3update of the #slimpodgold 12 weeks program. Thank you again @thinkingslimmer for inviting me to take part. This week hasn’t been about the pounds I’ve lost or the healthy habits that gradually are changing within me, this week has been more of finding my #purpose. With the help of @goalmappingbrianmayne I created my #goalmap and it has been a really turning point of this journey. Up to this point I was kind of ‘testing waters’, just giving it a go sort of thing but now it has turned into a personal journey. Because it has ‘me’ in the picture, with my own goals, my whys, and the benefits I expect from it. I really liked the analogy that Brian used in one of his videos and how comparing our life to ‘google maps’ if you don’t write a destination you just don’t know where you’re going. Well, this is my destination, and I’m sharing it with all of you as to a way of making it more real, more committing and hopefully maybe for someone out there encouraging that you too can set your own destination. ❤️ #thepursuitofjoy #nodietsallowed #goalmapping #whatsyourgoal #review #bloggercollaboration #thinkingslimmer

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  1. The support and encouragement from the community. There is a private Facebook group for those who decide to join the program. In there you find mainly women sharing their ideas but also their struggles. They also share their wins with each other and at the end it ends up being a lovely community that seek to strengthen each other in their weight loss journey. 

3. It’s about yourself in your own time. There is some very interesting information that will lead you to get to know yourself better. Understanding why do you have the eating habits that you have. If you put into practice Sandra’s advice you realise that you can be in control of the food you eat and the emotional eating stops taking you back and fro. It’s also a way to not be judgemental with yourself and if you skip a night of listening to the program is always there for you, since you just pay once and you have lifetime access to their content. 

Now, did I lose weight? No, I didn’t but let me tell you the main 2 reasons why I think I didn’t lose weight. 

  1. My mind wasn’t set enough to follow all the simple steps that I believe that if followed constantly it would have made a difference. I started thinking ‘ok! let’s give it a go.’ After the first 3-4 weeks I enjoyed it and I was seeing the promised results but when life got more hectic I just couldn’t keep up. Even the small steps of listening, writing down your ‘wins’ was too much. So I decided to carry on at a different pace. I would just read the information, learn from it and if possible apply it for 1 or 2 days. Which obviously took me to being ‘well informed’ and on the same weight when I started. lol


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This is my #week7update of my #slimpodgold program. What I learned this week is that it is going to take me much longer than a 12 week program to be in the shape that I want to be physically and emotionally. I’ve been reading about emotional eating and I must confess I check all the boxes. I eat whatever comes into my hands when I am exhausted. I overeat if I feel stressed. I reward myself with food when I try to cheer me up. So obviously my current relationship with food is ‘complicated’ At least I know now that before even trying to heal my body and eating habits I need to address my stress management and how I react to the different challenges of life. To be honest I am being more opened than I thought I would be on these weekly posts but maybe someone out there will read it and think ‘hey! I am not the only one at least..’ 😅anyway. It’s easier to find a solution when you know what the problem is. ❤️❤️ @thinkingslimmer #thinkingslimmer #slimpodgold #fightingemotionaleating #emotionaleating #healthymindhealthysoul

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2. It’s not magic! Because of my lack of constancy I don’t think the pods made the effect on me strong enough to overcome my cravings and emotional eating I believe it has to be an active personal choice. You really have to WANT to ACHIEVE your goal. And if you don’t have the motivation there is no audio that will help you lose weight. 


That is why I recommend you to start the program if you have the honest desire to work hard towards your goal. If you really are going to put your mind into it and follow even the simplest of steps they advise you to do. 

I feel lucky that I was invited to review this programme to be honest. It has allowed me to better understand where my eating habits issues reside and now I know how I can fight them and gain control again over my health. It’s not easy, but not because the task is complicated but because the mind needs to be in the right estate and have the strength to carry on even when life has its ups and downs. 

You can follow my weekly updates for the 12 week SlimpodGold program on Instagram. I posted every week how I was feeling, so this is just a final reflection of the whole program. Hope it will help you make the right choice if you were looking to lose weight.


For me, currently not in the mindset yet but I will be taking it again shortly when I feel truly ready for it!. 


** Disclousure: I was gifted full access to the Slimpod Gold program for the purpose of this review but opinions are honest and my own.

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