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The Best 5 ideas to help you achieve your new year resolutions

January is the month of new year resolutions. Everyone wants to achieve something and always believe that the start of a new year is the perfect time to do it. We then move into February, March, Spring comes, and all of a sudden, those goals are left in our big sack of ‘new year resolutions failings’.

Well, I don’t have a magic formula but I do have a few tips of advice I can give you, and that actually I’m trying my best to put them into practise in my own life too.

Here they are, our best 5 ideas to help you achieve your new year resolutions:

*Quick disclaimer! Don’t ever believe that you can only set up goals in the beginning of the year. Anytime is a good time to change.

#1. Don’t be a RUMINATOR

As I am learning more about cognitive behaviour and how I can change some attitudes for the better I came across this term. So what is ‘rumination? 

“When you passively turn the same negative or distressing thoughts about problems and symptoms over and over in your head” (SilverCloud – Beating Behavioural traps)

So basically, you think about your problems or struggles all the time but you actually do nothing to challenge them.

If you find yourself in that type of trap, move on and distract your mind or your body with something different. If you set up a goal and instead of working towards it you start only thinking on the challenges to achieve it you won’t be able to move forward.

#2. Even if you don’t feel like doing it, DO IT

Let’s say your goal for this year is to feel healthier, or to improve family relationships, or to learn something new. Whatever you want to achieve, sometimes, actually quite a few times I believe, you will start to wonder why you started in the first place. You won’t feel like doing it anymore, either because it’s becoming more difficult, or you are not getting quick results, it doesn’t matter really. Overcome that feeling of not ‘wanting to do it’ by doing it, even if it’s a little more, even if it’s one tiny step at a time.

As you do it you will notice how your attitude and approach changes and you will find yourself embracing that activity again. Pinky promise! 😉

#3 Organise your time.

This idea is more practical and hands-on. Achieving new year resolutions won’t happen in 1 day. It will probably take quite a while to achieve your goal so it is very likely that if you don’t plan and organise your time, life will get in the middle and your goals will suddenly erase from your daily schedule.

What I like to use, and that’s me because I am that type of person that loves notebooks is keeping my schedule organise in a journal, agenda or notebook. I have been quite lucky actually this year, because before thinking on this blogpost the entrepreneur mummy behind the ‘Ultimate Diary Planner’ sent me one of their planners to review.


You can use any notebook really to keep records of your thoughts, ideas, to-do lists, etc, but honestly, I have never come across a planner that was so complete, inspiring and well organised. It gives you plenty of options and ideas to plan for the year, the week and the month. And of the things I like the most, apart from its design is their inspirational quotes that you find almost in every page/section. Like this one, for example:

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”                (Alan Lakein)

If you want to have a look on more designs click here: https://www.ultimatediaryplanner.com/ 

They even have a Facebook group to help each other out making the most of their planners!

(** Disclaimer: I have been given the Ultimate Diary Planner to review but my opinions are honest and my own.)

#4 Be optimistic

Did you ever hear that quote?

“Your future is as bright as your faith” (Pt. Thomas S. Monson)

In a year many things can happen that will try to bring us down some way or another. And I believe that even though we might not be smiling all the time, you cannot force a ‘Sheldon’ smile, or people will think you’re crazy!

You can though, try to see the glass half full. Think about every little thing you have already achieved, even if that was taking yourself out of bed! Or if you are a new mummy, even if that was getting 1h sleep while your baby was napping as well. Out of your 24h I am sure you can find at least 1 thing that will make you smile, or as in Marie Kondo’s words… ‘will spark joy’ -lol, have you seen the show?!! anyway, I’ll have to write about it in a different post-

Your goal may seem like a huge mountain to climb, so feel happy even if what you achieved that day was a baby step forward. Be positive about your future and you will make it happen. (I need to remind that to myself really, with all the Brexit situation going on…, cause I keep thinking that after March we will become nomads and we will travel around Europe in our car with our two children, a dog, and two guinea pigs! hubby says that the pets eventually will become our provisions…lol) Anyway, that is definitely a subject for another blogpost, people!

Last but not least…

#5 Be patient

Most important things in life take time to build, create, achieve. So be patient with yourself, others around you and your circumstances.

I’ve tried some breathing and relaxation/mindfulness videos and they do help you to calm down and feel more at ease. Once you are in that state of mind you will be more likely to wait patiently, be positive and keep working hard.

As I said, these best 5 ideas to achieve your new year resolutions are methods I’m trying to put into practise myself.

So let’s review in a year time, how well did we do, shall we?

We wish you all the best for this new year! May you achieve all your goals and feel fulfilled, big or small, they’re important to you. So bring it on! We know you can do it!




  1. Rosa Maria Bay
    Monday January 21st, 2019 / 10:45 PM

    Q buenisimas 5 pautas para nuestras metas. Muchas gracias. Me encanta. No habia escuchado la del ruminador ….cuantas veces caemos en ese circulo pero si estamos concientes de estar ahi seguro que podemos conseguir salir de el.
    Me encanta lo de “hazlo”. Y todo lo demas. Muchas gracias superbloguera.

    • elituesbay
      Tuesday January 22nd, 2019 / 04:38 PM

      Muchas gracias mami! me alegra que te haya gustado, ya echaba de menos tus comentarios : D

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