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Join us on our 10-Day Social Media fast

This month we want to invite you to do something that we are going to try doing ourselves too. We are going to start a 10-day fast from any social media and other media that is not uplifting or encourages you in a positive way.

You might think we were already doing a ‘fast’ from our blog by the few times we post lately, but believe me, we are not.

Family life is busy and sometimes you need to handle quite a few issues all at the same time, so we’ve tried telling you a story at least every month. Last month we talked about our experience with Britax Romer car seats and we held a giveaway on our Instagram account that gave one lucky parent the chance to win an amazing car seat.

Why are we starting a 10-day social media fast?

Well, as you all know by now we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We believe in a family centred in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our aim in this post is not to ‘convert’ you or ‘brainwash’ you. We want to share with you something that we believe it will affect your emotional well-being positively.

In the last General Conference, President Russell M. Nelson asked us to take this action. You might not be religious at all, or you might believe in something different, so up to this point you are probably saying to yourself -what does all this have to do with me? I don’t even know who that person is! 😀

social media 10-day fast

But I am sure that regardless of personal beliefs we all have one thing in common: we want to be happy in this life.

We want to feel good with ourselves and with our relationships with others.

So what are the effects of excessive use of social media?

The way I see social media is like a two-way tool. Either can uplift you, make you laugh, make you feel better or can destroy you. Destroy your self-esteem, destroy your relationship with others, make you have a distort view of somebody else’s life.

According to an article from BBC Future, social media can cause addiction, one of the studies this articles is based on stated:

“excessive usage was linked to relationship problems, worse academic achievement and less participation in offline communities, and found that those who could be more vulnerable to a social media addiction include those dependent on alcohol, the highly extroverted, and those who use social media to compensate for fewer ties in real life.”

It affects our self-esteem: “Social media sites make more than half of users feel inadequate, according to a survey of 1,500 people by disability charity Scope, and half of 18- to 34-year-old say it makes them feel unattractive.”

Or sometimes it can make us have these negative feelings: “In a study involving 600 adults, roughly a third said social media made them feel negative emotions – mainly frustration – and envy was the main cause. This was triggered by comparing their lives to others’, and the biggest culprit was other people’s travel photos.”

I must confess I’ve felt like that sometimes. I wished I had the opportunity to visit that place with my family, or looked that good even when she has even more children than I do!


And despite of the opposite belief, because you are ‘connected’ to so many people, it can actually make you feel lonely.

Therefore, is Social Media bad for you?

I don’t think so. As I said before, not everything is negative when using social media. It connects you with friends that otherwise you might not be able to connect due to distance, or other situations. It can make you laugh when you are are having a rough day or encourage you to do better in life. I think the problem resides on finding the right balance. If it’s taking time away from being with your loved ones, if it’s not helping you to have a good night sleep or if it’s making you compare yourself to other people, then STOP IT.

The purpose with our family blog and managing our social media is to share with you always experiences, stories, memes, pictures, that will make you feel good, that will make you laugh or that will entertain you. Basically, inviting you all into our journey to family happiness, with its ups and downs, its laughs and tears.

Join us on our 10-day social media fast and let us know how you felt after it! We will share with you how it went for us on our first time ever Facebook Live Event on our Facebook page on Saturday 27th October at 9pm. (UK Time) There you will be able to ask us any questions about this experience. If you want, you can also write down your questions or any advice for the challenge on the comments below. We’ll read them all before the Live video. 🙂

We’d love to see you there and read your comments if you took the challenge too or would like to take it and you don’t know how.

But until then…
10 day social media fast

See you on the other side people! 😀 😀

**Update: You can now WATCH our first ever Facebook Live recording of our experience fasting for 10 days from any social media.

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  1. Rosa Maria Bay
    Saturday October 13th, 2018 / 07:29 AM

    Genial la invitacion!!! Muchisimas gracias querida bloguera, y….acepto la invitacion …pol supuezzzzzto!!!

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