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First things to do when moving houses or moving into the UK

We have been quieter than usual over here on the blog for a very good reason. We have finally moved houses! -yeaaahh!- After a disastrous first attempt at the beginning of the school year, we finally found the right house for our current family needs. Thinking about that change and reflecting on our recently achieved 5th year anniversary here in the UK since moving from Barcelona has made us come up with the topic of this post.

We still didn’t have a sofa at the time of this picture. I can happily confirm we are now resting our bottoms on a very comfy one. 😀

It doesn’t matter how big or small they will always find somewhere to play and/or ‘mess around’…

So, whether you are planning to move houses within the UK or you are coming from another country we hope you will find it useful.
Let’s talk about it then. What are the first places you need to visit when you move houses or move into the country? (Keep in mind we are sharing these ideas from a family with young children point of view, you might find that other places take more priority according to your own personal circumstances)
If you are leaving your current borough or not you might need to:

– Register yourself with a new GP

It’s usually not that complicated. Since living here we have done it a few times. Most of the times you will need a proof of your ID and proof of address. You will also need to get a Registration form from your GP, fill it out with all your details and show them your documents. They will proceed to register you in the practice, assign you a doctor and then you will be able to book appointments when needed. For us, the easiest way is to actually pop into the medical centre and have a look around. But you can always browse online and check their websites.
The NHS page tells you which GPs are closer to your house. Find GP Services
Also, if it’s your first time in the country and you are planning to stay then you will need an NHS number assigned to you.

– Looking for a School/ Nursery

school places - move houses

If you are in this situation you will need to visit your Local Council website, i.e manchester.gov.uk for Manchester or for any other areas. They will direct you on how to apply for a school/nursery place.
After that is just a matter of calling some schools, arranging a visit and follow your parental instincts to choose the best option for your children.

– Visit your nearest Children Centre

It will be a good way to get to know other parents with young children and be on the loop for family events and activities. Plus, they might also be able to recommend good nurseries, or even provide childcare for you.
You can find your local children centre by visiting your local council website.

– Register with your Local Library

For similar reasons to the one above your library is a perfect Hubspot for family-friendly activities. And obviously to benefit from borrowing books for your little ones and yourselves.
Also, if you are new to the country, here in the UK, libraries usually have a separate department where they take care of more administrative issues, like housing, council tax, benefits, etc. And remember that the Citizens Advice Bureau is usually located on the library premises as well. Their main purpose is to give you advice on various matters, from housing to jobs, legal procedures, and many more.

– Register with a Dental Practice

Remember that here in the UK children under the age of 18 are eligible to receive dental treatment funded by NHS, so that means you don’t need to pay for them. They are covered by the health system. The same if they need glasses for example.
For over 18 you will need to pay, but like in our case, it’s not as expensive as it is in our home country. So it’s worth registering yourselves with a dentist.
Not that you didn’t know but just in case, remember that when you move houses you will also need to inform about this change of address to:
– Your current suppliers.  (for gas, electricity, water, broadband)
TV license (if you are paying for one, and who is not paying! right?)
– Council Tax
HMRC (if you are self-employed or on some benefits)
– Your place of work
Driving License (if it’s from the UK)
– Bank
– Tax Vehicle (if you drive)
– Insurances (car, motorcycle, house, etc)
And basically, any other services where your old address was registered.
So now you understand why we’ve been so quiet these last few weeks, huh?
A lot of work! And I am not sure if it’s because I’m older or it is the fact that we have two young children that this move has seemed to take longer than in the past. We are happy though. We are excited about this new stage in our lives.
And as Socrates said:
All the best to all of you who are or will be changing something in your lives soon, whether is a house or a country, whether is something more spiritual, just take one step at a time and treasure everything you’ve achieved so far.
Leave your amazing suggestions in the comments!! : D


  1. Rosa Maria Bay
    Sunday July 1st, 2018 / 07:39 PM

    Me encanta lo de tomar un paso por vez!!! Se requiere hacer varias cosas para volver “a la normalidad”…asi q mas vale poco a poco….jejej
    Muy buena guia!!! Q bien lo de los dentistas!!!

  2. Sunday July 15th, 2018 / 10:38 AM

    I love this post! Congratulations on your new home. A new house is definitely a big commitment but you seem to have settled in well. These tips are really useful and practical as well – it can be easy to forget things like registering for the GP and dentist when you move, but it’s so important to do so! And the library is, of course, always an excellent idea.

    • elituesbay
      Sunday July 15th, 2018 / 11:56 AM

      I’m glad you found it useful Sophie 🙂 that was our big aim with this blog post!

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