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11 Best ideas for a Valentine’s Day with no babysitter

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this year you have someone to celebrate it with -well done, you!-, in fact, you have too many people: your husband, your children, your pets. When you have a full house and no babysitter, what can you do to still enjoy a special time with your other half? Oh well, some fellow parent bloggers and I have come up with these great ideas.

#1 Netflix and Chill!


Duh! Who would have thought that your usual evening could actually turn into a romantic date night, right? Well, everything is in the small details: a nice candle, box of chocolates and a bottle of your favourite drink.

#2 Play “Come Dine with me”


It’s up to you guys if you want to record it or ask for a cameraman to join you, lol, but why not pretend you are in the TV show and you need to prepare a course each and then rate one another? Although, don’t get too competitive or you might end up going “solo”.

#3 Go back to your childhood


Make a den in the living room with blankets over the bed or sofa, get some sweet treats and watch your favourite movie. Not a bad plan, right? If it happens that your children wake up in the middle of the night, you already have the play time all set up. 😀

#4 Keep it simple. Get Date Night Cards


And let your imagination go wild. You could include a takeaway and music, an evening with no electronics, music and dancing, or some computer games, or even board games if you’re a bit more old school… 😉

#5 Cook together


mmm..yep, don’t invite ‘him’

But hey, don’t cook 3 minutes noodles! haha…make it fancy, choose something more exotic, maybe you could both learn how to make sushi if that’s something you both like. Add a glass of your favourite drink and the night is sorted!

#6 Hire a private chef

Why get your hands dirty if someone else can do it! Hire a private chef to come into your kitchen and cook a 3-course meal for you. It might not be the most economical option, but hey, it’s just one night!

#7 Date night In!

If you are the one that usually cooks at home, ask your partner to make something this time. Ideally, this might have come to their mind without you having to “suggest it” but if that’s not the case, just leave some clues the days before. 😉 Then enjoy the meal together. Dress up for the occasion and just embrace one another’s company.

#8 Get a meal deal  x 2 from your favourite store

Pump the night up with some posh chocolates and just make everything a little bit more VIP.

#9 Have some Family Time


If all the previous suggestions where you and him/her spending some time together seems impossible because either your children don’t sleep at night or they will ask for your attention every hour, then just give in. Include them in the fun! Watch something altogether, give them loads of cuddles, and appreciate those family memories.

#10 Camping in the Garden!


Let’s pretend it’s not freaking cold in February here in the UK or that you might have a conservatory or that maybe ‘the cold never bother you anyway’, you could camp with your children in the garden! Have some stargazing, storytelling, a little bonfire…just remember, ideally you might want to set up 2 tents. One for the children, the other one for mummy and daddy.

Although, in our case, most likely, the children would still come to our tent in the middle of the night! lol

#11 Do  N O T H I N G!


Can you believe it? Yes, you can just save the date and if you don’t have a babysitter for February 14th, just pretend it’s Valentines Day on March 3rd, or June 25th, whenever you can get someone to look after the little ones for a while.

At the end, it’s not really the date that matters. What matters most is that you acknowledge how grateful you are to have your other half in your life. It’s a celebration of your friendship, of your love, of your laughs and jokes together, of all those tears shared on one another’s shoulders. The most important thing is you and him/her. So instead of thinking on yourself, think on them. They might do the same as well, and then, the night, the day, the time, will just flow, whatever it is you are doing. 🙂


Special thanks to our contributors:

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Don’t forget to leave your suggestions in the comments! We really don’t have a babysitter for Valentines Day so we are more than happy to read more ideas! 😀


  1. Rosa Maria Bay
    Sunday February 11th, 2018 / 11:17 AM

    Genial las ideas…me encantan esos perritos q comen sus palomitas y se achuchan mutuamente….jejej….lo importante es adaptarse como dices!!! Aqui….Alla….algo diferente aunque tu y el sabes que lo repetiras!!! en cualquier momento…jajajaja
    Gracias me han encantado lad 11 ideas!!!

    • elituesbay
      Tuesday February 13th, 2018 / 02:43 PM

      Hay que mantener viva la llama! 😀 jeje Un besito!

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