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What happened with “The Family Treasure”?

What happened with us, The Family Treasure? First things first. I feel like I owe an apology to our faithful readership, yes that’s you, mum -hi!- and mum-in-law, -hey, there! – and all the rest of you in between who might have stopped by this corner of the blogging world 😉 I hope you enjoyed our content so far and it’s not too late to get you back in case you were already thinking -OMG, this woman hasn’t said anything since summer! why should I continue reading her?-

Being a mum is no excuse, being a wife either, but let me tell you after coming back from Barcelona around the last week of August I had no desire to sit down and write. Maybe I was with the blues, and I couldn’t even apply to myself my own cheerful post of How to overcome post-vacation syndrome. Maybe thinking we should move houses in September and started our house hunt wasn’t a good idea either. I am definitely telling you ALL about the renting market and the ordeal we had to go through on a different post. Yes, people, I need to warn you of a few things, in case you weren’t aware of.

Anyway, the truth is I couldn’t find the time and most of the time, I couldn’t find the desire to do it. But my opinionated personality, my desire to stand and share what I think is right and above all, my desire to reach out to you and connect with all of you somehow, has put me back on track. There are so many things currently affecting our family: Brexit, Catalonia Independence (we’re from Barcelona), School challenges, Nursery, parenting ups and downs…

Yes, This is The Family Treasure, our little corner of the blogosphere where we share our journey to family happiness with all of you. The memories written here are cherished by each member of our family. Call me “narcissist” if you want, but sometimes I like to go back and read my own posts over and over again, lol… they help me to stay focus, to always remember that what matters most in this life is FAMILY.

Stay with us a little longer, new content is on its way, along with a new section called “Share your story” where you will get to read the experience of other families, who like us, have immigrated to a new country.

In the meantime, here it is a little taste of our family vacation in Barcelona! (before it went into an “Independence war”!) lol

TFT on a plane

Off we go to Barcelona!

TFT sunset

You cannot see sunsets like these anywhere else!

playing with Tito

Playing with our uncle is so much fun!


Only cousins can understand each other with just a look.

family men

Some of the most important men in my family.

the beach

Any picture can look stunning if you’ve got the beach as your background!


  1. Rosa Maria Bay
    Monday October 9th, 2017 / 11:02 PM

    Querida superbloguera!! Tienes el arte de hacerme reír y llorar al mismo tiempo, el arte de capturar en cada imagen la sencillez, la ternura, el cariño, la inocencia, la picardía, la simpatia y al mismo tiempo la belleza. Muchas gracias por volver a tu blog, gracias por compartir todas esas lindas experiencias, gracias por ser la voz de una mami…. una super hija….una hermana…una amiga…una esposa joven y emprendedora….gracias por ser como eres.

    • elituesbay
      Wednesday October 11th, 2017 / 01:06 PM

      Muchas gracias mami por tu comentario! Si no fuera por tus animos… 😉

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