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2017 The year we conquer ourselves

Of the many new year resolutions we could have chosen, this 2017, we have decided to conquer ourselves. Let me explain why:

We decided to move to UK to improve our financial stability, which unfortunately we didn’t have when we lived in Barcelona, despite of having pursued our respected professional paths. This coming June it will be 4 years since we packed our stuff and relocated from sunny Mediterranean city to Manchester wet valley. We feel we have achieved that goal in the sense we can now provide for our own family within our means. You won’t see me wearing expensive outfits or going out to luxurious places but we’re actually quite a humble family in terms of materials things anyway, and if I could wear my pjs all the time I would be the happiest woman on earth…haha

“God give me strength to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom

to know the difference. “

We still don’t feel we have reached our full potential though, or that have got out the most of this immigrating experience. After laying it all out on one of my most recent posts “Confessions of a frustrated immigrant” we have decided to be the agents of our choices. Conquer ourselves for us means overcoming the weaknesses that won’t let us grow in every way.


For example, I could tell you that I want to lose weight and feel better with my physical appearance but my problem doesn’t have to do with food really, it has more to do with my diligence, my commitment and my perseverance to endure to the end. My constancy to not move away from my priorities.

This is the year when we need to be our very best. The year, where no matter the circumstances, I will build my character, I will be stronger, I will be a powerful woman. Not with the “power” that maybe the world can think of, but with the power to love others, to love myself, to be diligent, to understand God’s will for me and my family. This 2017 is all about US. It’s all about shaping our personalities so that we cannot only maintain our stability but have the power to move forward, to feel fulfilled with ourselves.


Are you ready for 2017? What has been your approach to the new year? Share it with us!



  1. Friday January 13th, 2017 / 12:09 PM

    Writing this kind of stuff makes it real. I hope you achieve your ambitions xx#FabFridayPost

    • elituesbay
      Friday January 13th, 2017 / 11:56 PM

      That’s so true Sonia. Writing down the goal is part of achieving it. 🙂 Thanks a lot! x

  2. Friday January 13th, 2017 / 12:32 PM

    Wisdom is a wonderful thing that has to be learned through experience and not teachings. Best of luck with 2017, sounds like you are ready for it. #FabFridayPost

    • elituesbay
      Saturday January 14th, 2017 / 12:00 AM

      Aw thanks Fiona for your good wishes! We’ll try! 😀 x

  3. Friday January 13th, 2017 / 05:17 PM

    Suerte con los nuevos propósitos!! Me gusta lo de ser lo mejor que podemos ser, eso siempre es un buen comienzo para todo! Gracias por el post, muy inspirador! Feliz finde!

    • elituesbay
      Friday January 13th, 2017 / 11:59 PM

      Me alegro que lo haya sido! Muchas gracias por los buenos deseos. Ahí estaremos, intentándolo 🙂

  4. Friday January 13th, 2017 / 09:57 PM

    This is one of the best resolutions I’ve read, very empowering. Wishing you all the best for the year ahead x

    • elituesbay
      Saturday January 14th, 2017 / 12:00 AM

      Aw thanks a lot Alana! Those are very kinds words. All the best to you too. x

  5. Sunday January 15th, 2017 / 11:06 PM

    me ha encantado!!! y…por supuesto la foto tambien!!! yo necesito eso!!! cambiar lo que puedo y q es mucho y valor y sabiduria para reconocer y aceptar lo que no se puede cambiar. Muchas gracias.

    • elituesbay
      Monday January 16th, 2017 / 11:13 PM

      Thanks Su! x

  6. Carolina Twin Mom / Mary Peterson
    Tuesday January 17th, 2017 / 09:47 PM

    Daily affirmations are a great start! Sounds like there has been a good bit of upheaval in your world, so “turning the page” to a new year hopefully will be a nice fresh start for you and your family. All the best of luck to you!

    • elituesbay
      Tuesday January 17th, 2017 / 10:25 PM

      aw thanks Carolina! Yep. We feel ready for 2017 😀 all the best to you too. x

  7. Thursday January 19th, 2017 / 05:05 PM

    Well done for documenting this, you’ve come so far and you are so doing so well. I’d be so proud of myself if I were you x

    • elituesbay
      Thursday January 19th, 2017 / 10:35 PM

      aw thank you so much Rachel! Those are very encouraging words!thanks a lot 😀 xx

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