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Top 6 things to take with you when flying with kids

From our experience with travelling with 2 under 5 a few times, let us share with you some things that have worked for us to make the trip more bearable. So without further ado, our top 6 things to take with you when flying with kids:

#1 The Hand luggage

sofia the first

Her first own hand luggage! 😀

This last summer we checked  a few kids hand luggage trying to find the right one for our 5 year old. I’ve seen many families using “trunki” but after checking dimensions and features it didn’t fit quite well for our needs, to be honest. So here, we found online this cute one, from Sophia the first. What we liked the most was the 4 wheels, makes it easier to push around the airport and the hard case…our child would seat on it every time she wanted a break. Plus, compared to other ones, had enough room to actually carry a few things in it.

#2 The Travel Pillow

We bought ours from Poundland (it was more than a pound) but you can easily find it in other places such as Primark, M&S, Quality Save, that it’s up to your pocket. This is a must if you’re travelling with little ones so you can protect them from any stiff neck during the flight.  Trust me, if you’re lucky enough, they will fall asleep and you will need this pillow.

#3 The Snacks


Doesn’t it happen in your family that every time you go out with your kids they suddenly get starving as if they hadn’t eaten for a month?! Well, flights are not any different, apart from the money you can spend if you decide to buy things at the airport. Where, for example, a bottle of water can cost you almost 2 pounds and if you buy the food during the flight you can expect to pay 3 times the cost of a Tesco meal…

So, since you are flying with kids, you can put some snacks in your cabin bag, just don’t buy any drinks before the trip, remember that anything bigger than 100ml will be taken out at customs. For our last flight, we bought some crisps, small bags of fruit and cereal bars from Asda. Also, don’t forget if you’re flying with a baby you are allowed to take with you your baby’s food along with some milk. Just in case, it is always safe to check the airline you’re flying with beforehand.

#4 The Entertainment


You can see the colouring AND the travel pillow ! (a spiderman fan 😉 )

Let’s be honest, the excitement of seeing an aeroplane will last them, for how long, maybe 20-30 minutes…then you are in a place where there are loads of people, many corridors, too many gates and doors, so you want them to be entertained and by your side. For our little E, who’s 8 months old now, on our last flight he was 5, we took a few of his toys (the small ones of course) For princess J, we took a colouring book, some crayons, and a couple of barbies. She paid more attention to colouring than to playing so probably next time Barbie won’t get to come with us! But you know your children and will pick the right entertainment for them. Our advice, make it small and easy to carry. Something that in any case you can put inside your hand luggage at any time.

#5 The wipes

Between snacks, running around, crying, or whatever you need, it is always safe to have some baby wipes handy. You will use them for anything, ANYTHING! 😉

#6 Kids app that will work off-line

Or during plane-mode. If your iPad or any other device is full of games that will only work online you won’t want them to spend all your internet during the flight or while waiting at the airport. So better safe than sorry and make sure you have the right apps for them, along with some children movies that you previously downloaded. Oh! and don’t forget the headphones! You don’t want to be a pain for whoever is sitting next to you.

Oh well, now that you are super ready with our top 6 things to take with you when flying with kids, relax and enjoy the flight! Wherever you are going, and no matter how long or horrible the experience may be, -hopefully not- remember that it will only be a small part of your whole journey! 🙂

Any other recommendations? Things that have worked for you? Looking forward to reading them 🙂

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  1. Saturday October 29th, 2016 / 10:48 AM

    Have a safe flight and make sure you take all things with you. Enjoy your bonding with your kids!

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