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Happy Mondays #5: The best ride in the park

Do you remember we told you we would share with you whatever makes us happy? No matter how small, how silly or how much it cost, if it’s something that made us laugh and/or enjoy ourselves we would tell you about it on our Happy Mondays post. This time we are going to tell you what is our favorite and best ride in the park for the whole family.

Going down the Zip-line!

IMG_8946 zip-line

Ok, we have a bit of a doubt here cause we’re not sure if that’s how it’s said in English, but for the pictures you will know what we mean. 🙂 Every time we go to the park we give it a go. It’s one of those things that seem very silly in the beginning. You don’t feel like it or you think ‘I’m too old for this’ but as soon as you seat and lift your feet from the ground, adrenaline levels go high and you want to do it all over again!

IMG_8950 zip-line

J was a bit scared the first time she tried it but now she enjoys herself a lot! It’s interesting to see how sometimes us, grown-ups, get caught by the things of life: work, commitments, bills, and all the bibs and bobs that could make your life daunting and boring. But every once in a while it is good to be like children and let yourself go, be spontaneous and have a blast with something so simple as the zip-line. Laughing can be healing. Laughing for no reason can be powerful.


it looks like I was going super fast… I wasn’t! LOL

So next time you’re in the park with your kids, shut that little voice that tells you that you’re too old, or too boring or that everyone will look at you and just JUMP; lift your feet from the ground, feel the SPEED, and the EXCITEMENT, go down the ZIP-LINE, and LAUGH at yourself, LAUGH with your children and then, TREASURE those moments. They will come to your mind in the darkest times. And that, my friends, will make you happy.

Zip-lining runs in the family! Having an amazing time with Yayus and uncle A last September.

Do you have a favourite ride?! What do you do to release some stress? Tell us about it. 🙂

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  1. Estefania
    Monday July 11th, 2016 / 10:07 AM

    Me encanta esta entrada de tu blog!
    Comparto las mismas impresiones 🙂
    Nosotros descubrimos hace poco un parque muy chulo: tobojanes grandes de diferentes formas, pista de patinaje, tirorinas…
    Cuando vamos disfrutamos en familia.

    Pd: Estás muy guapa Eliana 🙂

    • elituesbay
      Monday July 11th, 2016 / 08:40 PM

      Muchas gracias Estefania! Pues a ver si nos lo ensenyais cuando estemos por ahi! 😀 (gracias por el cumplido, me ves con muy buenos ojos! jaja)

  2. Tuesday July 12th, 2016 / 12:10 AM

    Our kids love this ride too

    • elituesbay
      Tuesday July 12th, 2016 / 07:54 PM

      It’s quite fun Rachel! Even for us grown-ups 🙂 xx

  3. Tuesday July 12th, 2016 / 08:16 PM

    jajajajaj!!! eli..que gracia y que recuerdos…jijij
    si totalmente un juego divertidisimo y…muuuyyy peligrosoooo!!!jajaja

  4. Mrs TeePot
    Thursday July 21st, 2016 / 07:02 PM

    That looks so fun! The next time I see one I’ll have to give it a go!

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