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I love “Cheap Thrills”!

This is my entry for the Spanish Linky #VDLN (Viernes Dando La Nota) where every Friday you can share one or more songs that mean something to you and a little bit of the story behind.  So without further ado, my choice this week is Cheap Thrills from Sia.

Last Friday this song was in my mind but it was too difficult for me to share something positive after learning about the EU Referendum result.  Instead I decided to share my opinion on a blogpost. This week though, the future seems a bit brighter or at least quieter and I think this song it’s just perfect for a Friday night, weekend start, good vibes sort of thing… 🙂

As the future seems uncertain for the UK and us, as EU citizens, this songs just reminds me of the importance of holding tight to what really matters the most, which for me it’s my family. Sam and I like to tell each other that we are one another’s “constant” (This is quite a freaky thing, but it comes from the series Lost, where there was this character, and he would always appear in everyone else’s stories, no changes, always there, always the same) and yep, it is good to know that I’ve got him, and he’s got me, and we don’t need any money, cause we love cheap thrills! 😉

What’s that song that is stuck in your head and why do you like it so much? Let’s spread good vibes for the weekend, shall we?!


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  1. Sunday July 3rd, 2016 / 10:49 PM

    The whole EU referendum is just completely shocking, the result is terribly sad.

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