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10 things we miss from Barcelona

A while ago we shared with you 10 things we had learnt after living 3 years in UK. Now, it’s the time to tell you 10 things we miss from Barcelona, our homeland, the city where I grew up, where Sam and I met, got married and where J was born. Definitely compelling reasons to make us write this post. So here we go (by the way, they’re randomly organised so it doesn’t mean number 1 is the one we miss the most) AND obviously this doesn’t take into consideration our family who live there, they are the ones that we miss the most of course!

Having said this, without further ado…

#1 Cacaolat with Croissant


Oh what a perfect combination for a wonderful breakfast! You can have it in a cafe or at your home, a just made croissant from the bakery, still warm and fluffy accompanied by this chocolate milk made by this Catalonian brand. It’s making my mouth water only thinking about it! haha

#2 An outdoor Swimming Pool


I know it doesn’t get as hot here as it does there but last summer we went to one that is located just outside the city, in Sabadell, and the atmosphere was so cool. Water slides, picnic area, music playing in the background. We had such a really good time there! and it was quite affordable actually for everything that got to offer.

#3 The Beach, but not any beach, Sitges


Home for the Film Festival, even though it’s a bit far away, it is a great place. You not only have the beach but also the castle ruins to explore and then the streets nearby full of restaurants and shops. One of my favourites from there is a place that makes the most delicious waffles I’ve ever tried!

#4 Montjuic and the Magic Fountain 

barcelona fountain

If you’ve been or have heard of Barcelona you know this one had to be listed. An spectacular show of music, lights and the water that it seems to move along all of it. Half an hour presentation, usually ending with the Barcelona Olympics 92 song by Freddy Mercury and Montserrant Caballe, a classic. I can go back in time and picture myself there so many times, so many memories…

#5 A big mall in every corner

Unfortunately, here in Manchester we only have the intu Trafford Centre as the main place for recreation and shopping. Well, in Barcelona there are quite a few, not as big, probably, but sometimes quantity better than quality, it gives you more options of places to go out! 🙂

#6  Japanese restaurants

salmon sushi

It is such a shame but here where we live there are very few restaurants, that we know of, that sell sushi and sashimi. On the other hand, Barcelona is getting quite popular for the Japanese gastronomy so we always like to try a different one every time we go.

#7 Street shows in Las Ramblas

las ramblas

Yes, people, that’s me a long long time ago.. 😉

Another typical touristic place, but definitely you get some good vibes watching the young people (OMG I’m getting so old! I can’t believe I just said that! LOL) break dancing, the statues, the mimes, you never get bored of it. But, please, always be careful of your belongings, pickpockets are quite frequent in such places. ( we don’t miss that bit! :P)

#8 Patatas bravas

patatas bravas

Our favourite tapas. Sam and I like to try this appetizer at different restaurants and do our own ranking.

#9 Chiringuitos, especially in Summer


There is nothing like the feeling of just chilling at the beach having a drink while laughing with your friends and if you dare to do so, go into the water at night!

#10 Obviously, the SUN and the BLUE Sky!


It might seem hard to believe but I was telling Sam as I was writing this post that if I had written it on our first year in UK I would have had more things that I could list. The thing though is that after 3 years in Manchester, I like quite a few things of this city and I’ve got used to many of them so when I go back to Barcelona I kinda miss them too…

Life of an expat can be so tricky sometimes, ending up between two worlds, a continuous feeling of homesickness regardless of where you are!

Have you ever experienced something like that? What is that place that you miss being there?


  1. Sunday June 19th, 2016 / 12:26 AM

    Oh my god potatas bravas… I love love love love love them! I always eat them when we go to La Tasca and when in Spain too.

    • elituesbay
      Tuesday June 21st, 2016 / 10:22 PM

      haha I know Rachel. They’re quite good! Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Monday June 20th, 2016 / 07:34 PM

    Eliii!!! me encanta todo lo q has puesto!!! Viva los C T. + J & E

    • elituesbay
      Tuesday June 21st, 2016 / 10:22 PM

      gracias mami!! 🙂

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