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7 Life lessons you can learn from Alice Through the Looking glass

In our family we love watching movies. You can tell our little J “let’s prepare some popcorn and watch a movie” and it will always sound like a perfect plan to her. It had been a while since going to the cinema so we decided last week we could go and watch a film. This time we chose Alice Through the looking glass. Now, let me tell you, I might not be a super fan of this type of “fantasy movies” but I truly enjoyed this sequel. I couldn’t even remember watching the first one, but according to Sam we did, so I trust him, I’m just probably getting too old… 😉

7 Life Lessons from Alice through the Looking Glass

Anyway, I really liked the story because I think you can find truly valuable life lessons that I would like to share with you, without hopefully, any spoilers in case you’re planning to watch it too.

#1 “The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible” (Alice Kingsleigh)


We were told that moving to a different country the whole family at the same time was not possible, not convenient, not wise. Well, we not only we did that but we got to settle down and grow our family here. You can only achieve the impossible if you believe you can do it. And for us, we added faith, prayer, and courage to that equation as well.

#2 “Everyone parts with everything eventually, my dear” (Time)


Time couldn’t be wiser in this movie! I love his character and most of the things he says. We are so focused sometimes on pursuing the temporal things of life that we forget that at the end we won’t take any of them. Memories, feelings, those are the things we’ll carry with us.

#3 “You might not change the past but you might learn something from it” (Time)


When going back in time in your mind, let it be to do things better in the future and not to feel sorry for what you did. As parents, we make mistakes, our children do as well, but we can do nothing more than keep trying every day.

#4 “A very important thing about family is that you only have one” (Mad Hatter)


Wise words for a mad hatter indeed. One of the main reasons why this blog is called The Family Treasure is that there’s nothing more important than our family. Life can get quite serious and you can face many situations that might deviate you from that thought but we must remember that we only have one. Every day is a new opportunity to build wonderful memories.

#5 “But a dream is not reality– Alice Kingsleigh. But who is to say which is which?

-Mad Hatter”


I love this quote because it just makes me think that we can see life with the right eyes when we want.

#6 “Time is many things, but he is not money, nor our enemy” (Alice Kingsleigh)

alice through the looking glass

How right was Alice, don’t you think? Cause when we go by the opposite it’s when life starts getting stressful and frustrating.

#7 “I used to think time was a thief. But you give before you take. Time is a gift. Every minute. Every second.” (Alice Kingsleigh)

alice through the looking glass

This last quote has been the one that won my heart in the movie. Time gives before it takes, always, and when we realize that, only then we can enjoy everything in life. We can go through the hard times with the right attitude, with the hope and the faith that better times will come and that we need to be grateful for every minute and every second that we have.

I read really bad critics about the movie but from a parent point of view I think it’s a wonderful film to enjoy as a whole family, maybe not with too young children since Tim Burton style can bee a bit spooky but J is 4 years old and apart from a couple of scenes she enjoyed herself quite a bit.

Have you watched it yet? What are your thoughts on it? Share them with us on a comment 🙂


  1. Isa
    Wednesday June 15th, 2016 / 03:49 PM

    He visto la pelicula y me encanto. La primera frase “La unica forma de conseguir lo imposible es creer que es posible” me gusto mucho y hace pensar en ver todo desde otro prisma.

    Por cierto muy buen blog.

    • elituesbay
      Wednesday June 15th, 2016 / 07:14 PM

      Muchas gracias Isa! A mí también me encanta esa frase. Siempre es bueno cuando una peli te deja con ese buen sentimiento 🙂

  2. Wednesday June 15th, 2016 / 03:55 PM

    que buenisimas reflexiones Eli!!! la vere.

    • elituesbay
      Wednesday June 15th, 2016 / 07:14 PM

      Si rosa! Yo creo que os gustara 🙂

  3. Thursday June 16th, 2016 / 11:54 PM

    I have yet to see this but it is certainly on my list to see!

    • elituesbay
      Friday June 17th, 2016 / 11:15 AM

      You will enjoy it Rachel. It’s a good movie 🙂 xx

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