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Happy Mondays #3 – A review on our night out at Coliseum Leisure Park

Last Monday we had the chance to visit The Coliseum Leisure Park at Ellesmere Port, in Cheshire Oaks. I had been invited to a bloggers night out to enjoy the best of this center, and I got to choose a person to come with me. I didn’t know who to choose but I thought that between a 4 year-old, a 4 months-old, and hubby, I should probably go with the last one! 😉

It ended up being a great opportunity to spend some time together since we still had vovo (grandma) and tia Nati (auntie) at home with us, so that meant they could babysit E and J while were out. We were supposed to get there by 5pm but ended up arriving at 6.30pm because of an accident on the M56. Not being from that area and thanks to Google Maps that sometimes it thinks is giving you the fastest route but it’s not, we got to enjoy lovely countryside landscapes on our way there, so it wasn’t really that bad at the end.

We started the night by meeting with the other bloggers, all of them, lovely people, at Nando’s for a few starters. They had already started but we got to try a few tapas that were quite good. No picture here as I don’t think you’d like to see the left overs.. LOL

mini golf

See my perfect posture! and Sam’s perfect hair! 😀

We then moved to Paradise Island Adventure Golf where I showed my expertise skills with mini-golf, this is totally ironic by the way, this was the second time I got to play it since moving to UK. We had tried it at intu Trafford Centre with the little ones and enjoyed ourselves there. I would say it is a good option for a family activity but if you’re going with a pushchair would be better to check with them first since we had to go all the way up stairs. It was good fun though, and most important, I bet my hubby on it! haha

coal grill bar

By then we were getting quite hungry so we went to Coal Grill and Bar for a main course. Let me tell you, they had a good variety of options, the type of food you would find in restaurants like TGI Fridays, Coast to Coast, etc.: burgers, calzone, steaks,… I went for a Santa Fe Burger and Sam tried a Grill Pulled Pork. Both of them were really good. Quantity, quality and presentation were great. Plus, as a family, this is something you always need to take into consideration, there was plenty of room on the table and around for a pushchair or if a toddler wants to straight their legs a bit, as it usually happens with our J… 😉 I really liked the atmosphere there.

santa fe burger

Santa Fe Burger – yep I ate all that! not the calzone though 😛

And just like Cinderella our date night out was getting to and end and we needed to get back home but not without trying a last treat from Frankie and Benny’s, that were kind enough to put our desserts to take out so we could eat them at home. We chose one of our British favourites, sticky toffee pudding and since I couldn’t decide what to get for me, I got a “Can’t decider” a selection of different cakes.

cant decider

We finally got home and with some ice-cream we had in the freezer we ended up sharing our desserts with all the rest of the family, so the night was complete and everyone was happy!


Even though this leisure park is not around the corner for us it was a great place for our little “date” and I think it would be a great option for a family day out since the weather is getting warmer and everything is outdoors. Here my honest review on the Coliseum Leisure. We might go back again but this time with the children since we noticed that there are many options for the little ones in the center and surroundings!

That was a Happy Monday for us! What about yours? Have you been anywhere nice these days?


  1. Monday June 13th, 2016 / 02:04 PM

    Ahi tengo que ir yoooo!!! de todas maneras…jijiji

    • elituesbay
      Tuesday June 14th, 2016 / 10:17 AM

      Jaja 😉

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