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Happy Mondays #1- The smile on the mirror

This is the first one on our series of posts about “Small Things that make us happy” that we would like to share with you each week. We all know how stressful life can be, especially when you’re a parent, but acknowledging those small things that in some way make a difference on our daily life is healthy, uplifting, even healing. So we will tell you about that thing that has had that effect on us. It can be anything, and when we say anything, we mean ANYTHING, from something we have bought, or been given away to a memory, moment or simply a feeling, so stop by every Monday and find out what made us happy. 

And without further ado, this week is…THE SMILE ON THE MIRROR

E and I

I don’t know you, but depending on my mood, the day of the month or simply the weather, looking myself at the mirror can be like opening the Narnia’s wardrobe, don’t know what sort of scary creature you’re going to find in there! BUT there is something that always makes me happy. His smile on the mirror. Every time I change his nappy, give him a bath, or whenever I want, I hold my baby in front of the mirror in my room and instead of looking at myself, I look at him, I give him cuddles and tickles and he laughs. He looks at my image on the mirror and smiles, and I smile back, so it becomes a perfect harmony of smiles, the sweetest bonding time that just my baby and myself have. It is our moment, only for the two of us, and regardless of anything that is going on in my life at that moment, that smile, his smile, makes me happy.




  1. Monday May 23rd, 2016 / 12:40 PM

    Que lindo mi Eli!! me haces reir y llorar al mismo tiempo!!!..eso del espejo de narnia…jajaj…y los recuerdos del espejo y el ser q mas quieres en el mundo…yo he tenido esos momentos por triplicado…y solo una linda mami como tu los identifica….Para todas las lindas mamis q conozco un beso…y en especial para ti.

    • elituesbay
      Monday May 23rd, 2016 / 01:52 PM

      Muchas gracias mami. Eso no me lo habías contado! Qué coincidencia 🙂 un besito! Luego hablamos pochola 😉 jaja

  2. Monday May 23rd, 2016 / 05:43 PM

    awww this picture is adorable x

    • elituesbay
      Monday May 23rd, 2016 / 07:01 PM

      Thank you Rachel 🙂 xx

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