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Maternity Leave Step 1: Our water birth experience

It’s been two months since our little baby boy was born but you can tell by our latest post that pregnancy took most of our time cause we haven’t been able to sit down and write something till now. But, here we are now, back on track, with our enthusiasm and “lack of sleep” ready to keep sharing with you our “ordinary” and sometimes “extraordinary” adventures.

We know how scary can be for parents-to-be and specially for parents-to-be in a new country, having a baby. So many things to consider, so many questions and big decisions, so let us share with you why we chose Water Birth as our option and how we experienced it.

Being completely honest with you we decided water birth not because we are like the pro-natural-drug-haters type of family but basically because we wanted to leave alone our 4 year-old daughter the least time possible. When taking the hospital tour we were told that if you chose to give birth in the water and everything went fine you could go back home as early as just 6 hours after giving birth. For us that seemed the right solution to our problem and for me it became my main motivation when going through the most painful hours.

Birth pool

Wythenshawe Hospital was our choice and even though we had Saint Mary’s as an option we will never regret choosing the South Manchester hospital. We had read all sorts of reviews from both of them but as in everything in life there’s a point where you have to take that step of faith, make up your mind and go for it. So we did and everything from tests to care, from the very beginning till the birth date was absolutely fabulous. The team, specially the midwifery team at the Birth Centre were amazing! The senior midwives along with the student ones, all of them very supportive. They cheered us up in every stage, and on the final one, when it becomes the most painful moments of your life, they were there. They don’t do any magic, they’re just there saying the right words and you and your partner do all the work, but that is exactly what we needed.

Birth Suite

Regards the water birth experience it self, yes… it does help relieve the pain, but it will get unbearable at the end no matter how warm the water is or how much your partner tries to help. You won’t be able to go into the water until you have dilated at least 8cm but the suite is so nice that you don’t mind that. It’s a private suite for you and your partner. You can walk around, listen to some music, watch TV and have some snacks, not that you might feel for all that but for example in our case we spent some time listening to some music videos from YouTube, having some toasts and orange juice that they offered to us and basically enjoying one another’s company; when there was no pain we felt like if we were in a nice room of a hotel but obviously then… contractions started to really take me down and didn’t care at all about music, light, or toasts!

Giving Birth

I will skip the painful part, it’s just a lot of yelling and pushing, and every mum will live it on their own way, but after that you see HIM, they take him out of the water and put him in your arms, and yes, it’s true, all the pain is gone, that pain that felt like someone was trying to break your back has completely disappeared and it’s just you, and HIM, and him, looking at each other and thanking God that everything went perfect. No more explaining on this because I think the picture says it all.

Summing up, would we recommend Water Birth? Yes, Would we choose that over a birth with epidural? now that the pain is gone, I would say yes. The recovery has been so much quicker than with the first child, lost weight faster as well and for me, it just felt better in every sense and the right choice for our family at this time at this place.


Here are a few links that you might find interesting and useful to help you decide:

Water Birth Live Video

What’s a water birth like and other questions

Pregnancy and Baby Guide – NHS


  1. Thursday December 8th, 2016 / 10:45 AM

    I had a water birth with my 3rd! And plan to have one with my 4th due 20.5.16 most amazing experience and it’s so different from being on a bed. i ( I got in, in the last few mins after a long labour, at 10.04am at 6cm and my princess was born at 10.09am) it relaxes you so much.

    • elituesbay
      Thursday December 8th, 2016 / 03:47 PM

      I know! I really liked the freedom that it gives you to move around as you please and then the quick recovery. If there’s a third one for us we would definitely choose that option again. All the best on your 4th one 🙂 xx

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