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Going back to real life

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives . No way! Too dramatic, today is the day we returned from a short break in Barcelona visiting family . We won’t go into details of how “long” and tiring was coming back and how short it feels going there, but we will just say that we woke up at 7am and we have not come home until 7pm :/

It’s been a long time since we have posted something on our “family treasure” and since our favorite fans have been begging us to start writing again, here we are!(Our fans or what is the same, yaya Rosa and vovo Genil) you know…mother love!

Rather than being on vacation we went basically to reunite with our loved ones, and it felt so good! You know you have not been away of your country long enough when you return and still feels like home. Barcelona is a beautiful city, and it may have been the sun that has been out every day or the food, friends, or because you know every street in your city and you feel you have a thousand places to go, but it was a very much needed visit.

I told Sam that I felt like I was “in love” again of the city, to which he replied “Oh thanks for that! that touches me!” But after their little jealous rage he made a remark I had not thought of til then… He said “you haven’t fallen in love with the city again, in fact, if your family was not there you wouldn’t miss it so much and always want to return” And it really is like that, Barcelona has everything and more, and would love to visit over and over again, but it wouldn’t break my heart to pieces if it were not for the people we leave behind. They are the ones that make every time we go become like a mountain we have to climb again. We see how much Julia enjoys being with both families, the love and affection she has for each of them, from the newest member with only four months of age to the oldest one (We will omit names here, just in case, haha) There is nothing that can compare to these family ties . And for that, and more, we give thanks to God, not for a few days enjoying the sun but for the family treasure that we have on more than one continent and that helps us move forward.

Here you have some pictures!
IMG_0748 IMG_0755 IMG_0794 IMG_0796 amigosUni IMG_0825 IMG_0830 IMG_0863 IMG_0892 IMG_0899
And because we know that our “fans” will be the first to read this: we love you loads Yaya and Vovo! We hope you like this post. 😉

Sam , Eli and Julia

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