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The great weekend











Since we think a picture is worth a thousand words here we share with all of you some of the special moments we had with my parents and my little brother on their first visit to England.
It was a perfect weekend full of love, laughs and fun. They enjoyed every second with Julia and she definitely did aswell. It was like a three day celebration for Julia’s bday where she got to play with Aaron and her yayus. For us, and specially for me, it was a boost of energy to keep going, and trying harder to settle in this new country that so well has welcomed us. When you are new in a place you often have these times when you feel a bit lonely and homesick but we know we need an opposition in all things, so as I told my mum on her visit it is good to miss them, so when you get together again you love them even more, if that’s possible.
Oh Julia had her first and hopefully the last little fracture in her life! But that’s a different story. She just trapped her finger into the door…what can we say, when you are young sometimes you have to learn the hard way, don’t you? But she’s absolutely fine now 😀 So our next great adventure..hopefully a Christmas visit to Barcelona!

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