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Getting ready for the first family visit

(First Julia’s pet salon kitty, she’s an artist! Isn’t she?)

Making plans for the “yayus” visit… We are all so excited to have my parents and my little brother coming over next weekend! They will get here on the 20th, which is Julia’s bday, so it couldn’t be more perfect, and they’ll leave on Monday. Just four days with them, but after three months of skyping, vibering and whatsapping we can’t wait to see them and have some golden family time all together. Meanwhile we are getting ready for Julia’s bday, buying a few presents without her noticing it, which is actually harder than we thought! Good thing she’s not tall enough to reach up to the highest part of the closet. She gets so excited with so many things every time we go shopping that I think our chances to disappoint her will be very rare. But we’ll let you know next week, haha..

I’m also going to take a four day course to become self-employed. We’ve been thinking about it for a while now and we decided it could be a good opportunity for me to expand my experience in my professional field and at the same time look after our little trouble maker. I’ve always felt reluctant about that, and when I say reluctant I mean terrified but now it’s the right time and the right place to give it a try. We’ll tell you about it in another post, hopefully with exciting news 😉

We are also applying for Samuel’s UK residence, so maybe in a near future he will answer by the name of Sir Samuel Costa of Manchester,hehe.. Anyway, we have so many things going on lately and we’ll happily keep telling you all our crazy, exciting, most of the time ordinary stories of our daily lives but we know you will read them with good eyes so thank you for that!

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