How to choose your soulmate

I think almost 6 years of marriage, 2 kids and 2 different countries give me some what of a well-formed opinion on how to choose your soulmate. So let me just share with you a few tips on how to choose that special one.

First. Don’t look for a soulmate.

I know, I know, Disney might tell you something different or those romantic-comedy movies with Drew Barrimore might differ from that statement. But for me, there is no “soulmate”. Don’t look for someone that is exactly like you, behaves just like you, and thinks the same way you do.


Mocktails in Mallorca during our Honeymoon!

Sam and I couldn’t be more different in personality! We do share some taste for movies, series, and other small things, but for example, he can be very quiet and patient, as to me, I am more impulsive and loud. Both attitudes can play in our favour when we work as a team or can be against us if we only think on ourselves. But, that takes me to my second point.

Second. Share the same goal.

preston temple

When we first met, I still had a year to finish university and he still had to decide if he was going to stay in Spain or go back to Brazil. Big decisions. We both had the same goal though. At some point in our lives we wanted to have a family, an eternal family. So we decided that if we worked together towards the same goal our path would become much easier. After 6 years, we know we chose the right.

Third. Choose someone that laughs at your jokes.

laughing giphy

We’ve gone through a lot together! Leaving our families to move to a different country was one of the biggest challenges of our lives. Without laughing at some situations, laughing at ourselves and with each other would have been impossible. I, for example, think I am quite funny, but that’s because is quite easy to make Sam laugh, or maybe is because he loves me. When he stops laughing at my silliness I will start to worry. He, on the other hand, thinks he’s quite boring, but I’ve always thought that he was quite cute trying to be funny. So, see, maybe we’re both a boring couple to the rest of the world, who knows!

Fourth. Choose someone that will know when to follow you on your craziness and when to stop you.

Along with laughing, taking risks, doing something silly or that doesn’t make too much sense is necessary for a healthy relationship, I believe. I remember once, while we were still dating, I was driving and he was sitting next to me. We were on the motorway just having a good laugh, when I dared him to open the window and shout something silly. I know, it doesn’t make sense. There was no reason for that. But because of the way he is, it took him like half-hour to have the guts to do it! Oh man, it was soo funny to see him try to do it! I can be spontaneous every once in a while, he needs to think twice everything he does. I know he had a great time or I hope so…We still remember it and laugh.


On the other hand, he’s stopped me many times to rush through impressions or do something that I would regret. And I’m so grateful for that. Finding the right balance I think it’s what marks the difference.

Fifth. Learn to listen. To truly listen.

Because we come from different countries and speak different languages in the beginning it was hard not to get confused or misunderstand what we said. (we’ve always spoken Spanish with each other by the way, my Portuguese is not as fluent as he wants me to think) But more than a language barrier, sometimes you just need to stop and try to listen what the other person is saying to you. Not what you want to hear him say, not an interpretation of what you think he is saying but what he is really saying to you and his reasons. I think for us that is a lifetime battle but it’s ok. We like challenges. And we’re getting better and better every day.

Sixth. Open wide your eyes when dating and narrow them when married.

narrow eyes

not this type of “narrow eyes”! LOL

That is an old saying that I heard many times in my youth. It is right though. When you’re dating you’re getting to know that person. So you need and can be picky. After a while you reach to a point where you will need to decide what is important and what not. In any relationship there are a few things that you wish the other person would do different, but if those things are not the pillars of your union then don’t pay much attention to them or you will end up fighting for nonsense.

Seventh. Does he hold you’re hair when you’re sick?

If he does, then it’s a good sign. Someone that will truly care for you will be there in illness and health, for real. No matter how disgusting, how smelly, how heavy can seem. He or She will be there. For me, that is true love. When you’re with no make up, looking your worse, feeling terrible and that person is still for you, supporting you, carrying you physically and emotionally.

Eighth. Share the journey with someone that you can trust.

Do you want to know what made me say “YES”? It wasn’t his appearance, even though I love his smile, his eyes, and always found him quite cute. It wasn’t his accent, even though I’ve always had a weakness for accents. It wasn’t the colour of his skin, even though I’ve always been a bit jealous of that perfect permanent tan. It was his confidence when he told me ” I want to make you HAPPY every day of your life.”

temple marriage

They were young and brave. (Marrying for eternity 6 years ago at the Madrid Temple)

I knew that wouldn’t be possible, but he was so sure about it, that made me trust on him. And I can say that he’s never stopped trying. Our relationship, our marriage is not perfect. I know I chose right because we are both trying. When life gets between you and him, stop for a second and remember why you chose him/her. Trust is a gift that you earn day by day. He’s earned mine and I hope he feels the same way.

I cannot predict the future, but I know where do I want to reach with him and with our beautiful small family of four, and as long as we all share the same goal and make the right choices, I know we will be there some day. Together forever. That’s our aim. That’s what we’re working for.




A week full of events!

This week is being all about celebration! Celebrating my birthday, celebrating our wedding anniversary and celebrating The British Pageant!

Let’s start from the beginning:


Monday! on July 29th I turned 30! the so “unexpected year” for many on their twenties… even myself in the past was so scared of turning to a new decade, but not too long ago I started thinking about how exciting it actually was turning 30 years! Being a wife, a mum, a graduate,…living in a new country! I told Samuel, that it was time already, that I was prepared, that I felt prepared for new goals in life, in our family. So I faced my 30th birthday with a very positive attitude, excited as a little girl, and self-confident as a strong woman 🙂 I felt on that day and the following ones that I had many things to be grateful for…


Tuesday-Wednesday! Our 3rd wedding anniversary!! It’s been three years since we said “I do” for all eternity. We have so many memories already, a beautiful and non-stoppable daughter and so many exciting experiences going on in our lives lately. It is true what they say about marriage, it is, or should be, like falling in love with the same person day after day. This “British adventure” has made us drawn closer to each other, and whether it be for the good or for the bad now we are one another’s support. We turn to each other when we feel down, when we share good moments as well. But that’s what marriage is about! specially if you want it to last for all eternity!



Thursday!  The British Pageant! Organized by the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter day Saints, the one that we belong to, it tells the story of the first missionaries in the British Isles, when they arrived to Preston in 1837 sharing the gospel with the people of England. It’s a beautiful story of strength, sacrifice and faith. So whether you are religious or not, it is always uplifting and rewarding to hear about the good example of people like them. As a family, we always try to live our lives in a way that people might see something different in us, hopefully something differently good and not weird!, but when you are able to attend to this type of activities you also have to speak up, and share with who ever wants to listen that we are members of the Church, that we believe in God and Jesus-Christ and that we know how we can be eternal families! and that is something you need to say aloud. 🙂