#VDLN- Mecano “Another Year”

If you’re from the 90’s and lived in Spain around that time, you are already humming this song, yes or no? Actually, this Spanish band started back in 1981 according to what I’ve read around, but I still know by heart some of their lyrics that I remember listening during my childhood and adolescence.

For this Spanish #Linky called “Viernes Dando la Nota” (Stand Out Friday) I have chosen the song “Un año mas” (Another year) because who really stood out a couple of weeks ago was my mum and I, during our Christmas visit to Barcelona.

This thing of having a smartTV makes you watch YouTube all the time, so my mum decided to search for that song. Without further ado and no plan at all we started our little duet with all our might and heart! with very little ear but loads of enthusiasm. Our special audience, my husband and little boy, didn’t try to leave the room while we were singing and trying to match the right syllables with the broken words.


In case you’re curious to see who were the “artist” of this unplanned Karaoke! 😉

And these are the special moments why I love music so much. Because if I already liked the most well-known hits of this band, from now on, “Un año mas” will bring back to my mind the memory of my mother and I, in unison, laughing at ourselves and completely into this duet of spontaneity.

Here they are, some other popular songs of this group, in case you feel like doing some Karaoke during the weekend. 😉

What they didn’t tell you about Baby Massage

Our little E had his first baby massage session a couple of weeks ago, and as I told you before on another post, it was interesting…

Before anything, let me share with you first our expectations:

When you think of baby massage you think of a wonderful experience where your baby is going to feel completely relaxed and he will follow along every movement you make to him… kinda like in this picture:


Hands hold softly baby’s feet while baby is looking somewhere thinking on how wonderful he’s feeling in that moment.

But what it really happens has something more to do with this picture:


Baby looks at you like saying “Are you sure you want to touch my feet??..” and he starts moving all around, you try to grab his feet, just as in the picture,  his leg, one side first, then the other… just as the instructor in a peaceful quiet voice is telling you to do but he is not in the mood for that. And if he is not in the mood, no other baby will be, cause you know, they communicate with each other so when one starts complaining the other 9 babies in the room will follow him. Of course, you’ve got the experienced one, the 6-7 months old baby that knows his stuff and is making the pose, as if it was some sort of Yoga instructor, showing the rest how it is supposed to be done.

Anyway, other thing you don’t think of is how are you going to feel when massaging your baby. Let me tell you, emotionally in a bliss because of that bonding experience, physically drained out because of the backache you are going to have when you finish the session. Seriously, there is no right position for you when you have a baby laid on the floor, either you are crushing your knee or you’re breaking your back for bending so much.

Also, what happens if the baby falls asleep just before the session? Can he feel more relaxed than by being asleep?! Oh well, the second time we went to one of these sessions he fell asleep on the car so when we got there we actually “invited” him to wake up. He finally did, so we were able to join the group. The ironies of trying to help your baby relax!


Oh well, these are just a few things to consider, make sure your baby is awake, has been fed and in a good mood…otherwise the baby massage won’t be nothing like you imagine it to be!

We don’t want to leave you with a negative feeling though, so to be honest, practise has made a big difference, and the second time we went was much better than the first time. He was more used to it. We’re planning to do this at home now that we know what it’s about, so if we get to record it we will share it with all of you on our YouTube channel, and you can practise it with us.

In case you get curious, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to massage a baby. Honestly, it was a fun experience, and spending time with your little one is just simply the best. So give it a try and tell us about it!


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