The best 5 songs that describe our British Adventure

June is a great month for us, summer is getting closer, holidays back home are getting closer and we mark our anniversary of this British Adventure. So this time we’ve thought we will share with you the best 5 songs that have helped us cope with the challenges of immigrating and settling in UK. Those songs that had a positive effect on all of us. Here we go:

#1 Impossible, James Arthur’s version

Ok, we know now this is a love song of a break-up story BUT on our first year, 2013, right before coming it became quite popular in Spain and for us hearing the word IMPOSSIBLE meant that we were turning the tide against all the challenges of leaving our home and adventuring ourselves to a new country. For us, it seemed “impossible” but we made it!

#2 Do you hear the people sing? from Les Miserables

You can see, we are quite dramatic in this family, LOL, but in a time when we were facing my husband’s unemployment in UK due to sorting out his residence status, THIS was the right song for us. Was England playing the role of “France” and we were raising against the injustice? Maybe, we felt like fighters anyway, and at the end, we overcame that rock as well.

#3 Don’t worry from Madcon feat Ray Dalton

Aha! we like to party (party-parents) of course, we don’t go wild anymore! haha but we heard this song on our first Summer holidays in Barcelona, and yep…we definitely felt like we didn’t need to worry about a thing! Beach, sun cream, family, friends…and “party” all day 😀 The pleasures of coming back home.

#4 Hace calor from Estilo Libre (It’s getting hot!)

No worries, nothing dodgy in the video! just another Summer hit we heard in Barcelona. This song though, we like to sing it here in Manchester every time it gets really cold, hailing, snowing or raining… we turn on the car and listen to this song! The irony of it helps us go through the bad weather and have a laugh about it. See, reverse psychology 😉

#5 Wrecking ball from Miley Cyrus

No need to show you Miley half-naked so this video will just work fine. Why do we like this song? Well, you can laugh about it, but I gave birth with this song! haha, seriosly, I was feeling like a “wrecking ball” about to “wreck” so in the hardest time Miley was there LOL

In my family, J and I are music lovers, while Sam doesn’t bother that much, unless for Les Miserables (he can be hours listening to the Soundtrack) but I think and feel that music has the power to bring you back to a place, to a memory, to somebody. It helps you ease the toughest challenges, it can uplift you when you’re feeling down or make you have a great time. These are not the only ones that have marked this adventure but just a few. I know we’re still building our own “soundtrack” so who knows which ones will come in the future…

What about you? What are those songs that had an impact on your life?



The soundtrack of our adventure

Have you ever had a song that takes you to that specific moment in your life? Well, we have a few of those and we’d like to share them with you.
Before coming here, like around April – May we used to listen to Impossible, James Arthur’s version… Whether this whole British adventure was meant to be “impossible” or what I don’t know but we are here now and with an extra “divine help” we are making the impossible turn possible 😉
Ok! Another one that has an interesting effect on Julia’s after bath mood is Somebody that I used to know by Gotye. We don’t know why!! But it really works every single time. She usually likes to run around the flat completely naked but when she listens to this song she sits down quietly to watch the video on YouTube while we put her clothes on. Oh! And her favorite song ever since we got to England is Lalala by Naughty boy. She starts singing it like the little boy in the video. And the last but not least Ela é top by a Brazilian group. This is the song that is played at the restaurant where Samuel works. He didn’t like it in the beggining but now he’s starting to listen to it at home as well…
Anyway, so these are just a few! And if we had to put here every song that takes us to that special moment we would need a whole discography of our lives! I actually think that’s a good idea…maybe one day we’ll do it…you know, kinda like ‘The Greatest hits of the Costa Tuesta family’ hehe…