Living arrows 3/52 – Falling asleep

I loved that quote that inspired this linky “Living Arrows” by Kahlil Gibran that says “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” cause it gives me the opportunity to share with you some simple but special moments of the lives of my two treasures.

Moments, like this one, that I don’t want to forget. The day when my 11 months old baby boy was so tired he fell asleep on his high chair for the very first time.


If you have kids you will have probably experienced something similar to this. It used to happen to our 5 year old little girl when she was around that age.


We just think it’s so adorable! They’re so full of energy. They never want to stop playing, pulling your hair, jumping up and down or basically just being kids, but when they are exhausted like this they can’t help it. They start nodding with their heads. That’s what my little boy was doing as we watched him fall asleep. At least he didn’t have anything in his mouth! Our little girl used to do it while she was still chewing the food…lol 😀

So what was your #livingarrows moments this last week? Looking forward to reading them.

Living Arrows

#WordlessWednesday – At the farm…shall I brush it or feed it?!


At the farm…shall I brush it or feed it?!

This is my entry to the Spanish Version of #WW (Wordless Wednesday) Linky called #MiércolesMudo created by Naturalmente Mama. Just as it says in the name, it’s a post with only a picture/s with a short caption, not too many words needed.

It’ s easy to participate, you only need to publish a picture/s without writing anything to explain it. (that’s where “wordless” comes from) Then don’t forget to join the linky below and leave a comment in every blog you decide to visit. To understand how “MiercolesMudo” was born and its rules, you can click here. (*if you click remember everything will be written in Spanish) 😉

Happy Wednesday !!

7 Life lessons you can learn from Alice Through the Looking glass

In our family we love watching movies. You can tell our little J “let’s prepare some popcorn and watch a movie” and it will always sound like a perfect plan to her. It had been a while since going to the cinema so we decided last week we could go and watch a film. This time we chose Alice Through the looking glass. Now, let me tell you, I might not be a super fan of this type of “fantasy movies” but I truly enjoyed this sequel. I couldn’t even remember watching the first one, but according to Sam we did, so I trust him, I’m just probably getting too old… 😉

Anyway, I really liked the story because I think you can find truly valuable life lessons that I would like to share with you, without hopefully, any spoilers in case you’re planning to watch it too.

#1 “The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible” (Alice Kingsleigh)


We were told that moving to a different country the whole family at the same time was not possible, not convenient, not wise. Well, we not only we did that but we got to settle down and grow our family here. You can only achieve the impossible if you believe you can do it. And for us, we added faith, prayer, and courage to that equation as well.

#2 “Everyone parts with everything eventually, my dear” (Time)


Time couldn’t be wiser in this movie! I love his character and most of the things he says. We are so focused sometimes on pursuing the temporal things of life that we forget that at the end we won’t take any of them. Memories, feelings, those are the things we’ll carry with us.

#3 “You might not change the past but you might learn something from it” (Time)


When going back in time in your mind, let it be to do things better in the future and not to feel sorry for what you did. As parents, we make mistakes, our children do as well, but we can do nothing more than keep trying every day.

#4 “A very important thing about family is that you only have one” (Mad Hatter)


Wise words for a mad hatter indeed. One of the main reasons why this blog is called The Family Treasure is that there’s nothing more important than our family. Life can get quite serious and you can face many situations that might deviate you from that thought but we must remember that we only have one. Every day is a new opportunity to build wonderful memories.

#5 “But a dream is not reality– Alice Kingsleigh. But who is to say which is which? -Mad Hatter”


I love this quote because it just makes me think that we can see life with the right eyes when we want.

#6 “Time is many things, but he is not money, nor our enemy” (Alice Kingsleigh)

alice through the looking glass

How right was Alice, don’t you think? Cause when we go by the opposite it’s when life starts getting stressful and frustrating.

#7 “I used to think time was a thief. But you give before you take. Time is a gift. Every minute. Every second.” (Alice Kingsleigh)

alice through the looking glass

This last quote has been the one that won my heart in the movie. Time gives before it takes, always, and when we realize that, only then we can enjoy everything in life. We can go through the hard times with the right attitude, with the hope and the faith that better times will come and that we need to be grateful for every minute and every second that we have.

I read really bad critics about the movie but from a parent point of view I think it’s a wonderful film to enjoy as a whole family, maybe not with too young children since Tim Burton style can bee a bit spooky but J is 4 years old and apart from a couple of scenes she enjoyed herself quite a bit.

Have you watched it yet? What are your thoughts on it? Share them with us on a comment 🙂

The best 5 songs that describe our British Adventure

June is a great month for us, summer is getting closer, holidays back home are getting closer and we mark our anniversary of this British Adventure. So this time we’ve thought we will share with you the best 5 songs that have helped us cope with the challenges of immigrating and settling in UK. Those songs that had a positive effect on all of us. Here we go:

#1 Impossible, James Arthur’s version

Ok, we know now this is a love song of a break-up story BUT on our first year, 2013, right before coming it became quite popular in Spain and for us hearing the word IMPOSSIBLE meant that we were turning the tide against all the challenges of leaving our home and adventuring ourselves to a new country. For us, it seemed “impossible” but we made it!

#2 Do you hear the people sing? from Les Miserables

You can see, we are quite dramatic in this family, LOL, but in a time when we were facing my husband’s unemployment in UK due to sorting out his residence status, THIS was the right song for us. Was England playing the role of “France” and we were raising against the injustice? Maybe, we felt like fighters anyway, and at the end, we overcame that rock as well.

#3 Don’t worry from Madcon feat Ray Dalton

Aha! we like to party (party-parents) of course, we don’t go wild anymore! haha but we heard this song on our first Summer holidays in Barcelona, and yep…we definitely felt like we didn’t need to worry about a thing! Beach, sun cream, family, friends…and “party” all day 😀 The pleasures of coming back home.

#4 Hace calor from Estilo Libre (It’s getting hot!)

No worries, nothing dodgy in the video! just another Summer hit we heard in Barcelona. This song though, we like to sing it here in Manchester every time it gets really cold, hailing, snowing or raining… we turn on the car and listen to this song! The irony of it helps us go through the bad weather and have a laugh about it. See, reverse psychology 😉

#5 Wrecking ball from Miley Cyrus

No need to show you Miley half-naked so this video will just work fine. Why do we like this song? Well, you can laugh about it, but I gave birth with this song! haha, seriosly, I was feeling like a “wrecking ball” about to “wreck” so in the hardest time Miley was there LOL

In my family, J and I are music lovers, while Sam doesn’t bother that much, unless for Les Miserables (he can be hours listening to the Soundtrack) but I think and feel that music has the power to bring you back to a place, to a memory, to somebody. It helps you ease the toughest challenges, it can uplift you when you’re feeling down or make you have a great time. These are not the only ones that have marked this adventure but just a few. I know we’re still building our own “soundtrack” so who knows which ones will come in the future…

What about you? What are those songs that had an impact on your life?



Happy Mondays #1- The smile on the mirror

This is the first one on our series of posts about “Small Things that make us happy” that we would like to share with you each week. We all know how stressful life can be, especially when you’re a parent, but acknowledging those small things that in some way make a difference on our daily life is healthy, uplifting, even healing. So we will tell you about that thing that has had that effect on us. It can be anything, and when we say anything, we mean ANYTHING, from something we have bought, or been given away to a memory, moment or simply a feeling, so stop by every Monday and find out what made us happy. 

And without further ado, this week is…THE SMILE ON THE MIRROR

E and I

I don’t know you, but depending on my mood, the day of the month or simply the weather, looking myself at the mirror can be like opening the Narnia’s wardrobe, don’t know what sort of scary creature you’re going to find in there! BUT there is something that always makes me happy. His smile on the mirror. Every time I change his nappy, give him a bath, or whenever I want, I hold my baby in front of the mirror in my room and instead of looking at myself, I look at him, I give him cuddles and tickles and he laughs. He looks at my image on the mirror and smiles, and I smile back, so it becomes a perfect harmony of smiles, the sweetest bonding time that just my baby and myself have. It is our moment, only for the two of us, and regardless of anything that is going on in my life at that moment, that smile, his smile, makes me happy.



What they didn’t tell you about Baby Massage

Our little E had his first baby massage session a couple of weeks ago, and as I told you before on another post, it was interesting…

Before anything, let me share with you first our expectations:

When you think of baby massage you think of a wonderful experience where your baby is going to feel completely relaxed and he will follow along every movement you make to him… kinda like in this picture:


Hands hold softly baby’s feet while baby is looking somewhere thinking on how wonderful he’s feeling in that moment.

But what it really happens has something more to do with this picture:


Baby looks at you like saying “Are you sure you want to touch my feet??..” and he starts moving all around, you try to grab his feet, just as in the picture,  his leg, one side first, then the other… just as the instructor in a peaceful quiet voice is telling you to do but he is not in the mood for that. And if he is not in the mood, no other baby will be, cause you know, they communicate with each other so when one starts complaining the other 9 babies in the room will follow him. Of course, you’ve got the experienced one, the 6-7 months old baby that knows his stuff and is making the pose, as if it was some sort of Yoga instructor, showing the rest how it is supposed to be done.

Anyway, other thing you don’t think of is how are you going to feel when massaging your baby. Let me tell you, emotionally in a bliss because of that bonding experience, physically drained out because of the backache you are going to have when you finish the session. Seriously, there is no right position for you when you have a baby laid on the floor, either you are crushing your knee or you’re breaking your back for bending so much.

Also, what happens if the baby falls asleep just before the session? Can he feel more relaxed than by being asleep?! Oh well, the second time we went to one of these sessions he fell asleep on the car so when we got there we actually “invited” him to wake up. He finally did, so we were able to join the group. The ironies of trying to help your baby relax!


Oh well, these are just a few things to consider, make sure your baby is awake, has been fed and in a good mood…otherwise the baby massage won’t be nothing like you imagine it to be!

We don’t want to leave you with a negative feeling though, so to be honest, practise has made a big difference, and the second time we went was much better than the first time. He was more used to it. We’re planning to do this at home now that we know what it’s about, so if we get to record it we will share it with all of you on our YouTube channel, and you can practise it with us.

In case you get curious, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to massage a baby. Honestly, it was a fun experience, and spending time with your little one is just simply the best. So give it a try and tell us about it!


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Getting ready for the first family visit

(First Julia’s pet salon kitty, she’s an artist! Isn’t she?)

Making plans for the “yayus” visit… We are all so excited to have my parents and my little brother coming over next weekend! They will get here on the 20th, which is Julia’s bday, so it couldn’t be more perfect, and they’ll leave on Monday. Just four days with them, but after three months of skyping, vibering and whatsapping we can’t wait to see them and have some golden family time all together. Meanwhile we are getting ready for Julia’s bday, buying a few presents without her noticing it, which is actually harder than we thought! Good thing she’s not tall enough to reach up to the highest part of the closet. She gets so excited with so many things every time we go shopping that I think our chances to disappoint her will be very rare. But we’ll let you know next week, haha..

I’m also going to take a four day course to become self-employed. We’ve been thinking about it for a while now and we decided it could be a good opportunity for me to expand my experience in my professional field and at the same time look after our little trouble maker. I’ve always felt reluctant about that, and when I say reluctant I mean terrified but now it’s the right time and the right place to give it a try. We’ll tell you about it in another post, hopefully with exciting news 😉

We are also applying for Samuel’s UK residence, so maybe in a near future he will answer by the name of Sir Samuel Costa of Manchester,hehe.. Anyway, we have so many things going on lately and we’ll happily keep telling you all our crazy, exciting, most of the time ordinary stories of our daily lives but we know you will read them with good eyes so thank you for that!

Daddy-daughter special moments

Now it’s my time to share with you some of my experiences here in England, hahaha.

Supposing that the reason why fathers come to England is for working, and working a lot, since the “good life” that used to be in Spain doesn’t exist anymore and more over you get paid per hour, I would like to give you a brief idea of things you could do to enjoy the few spare time you may have with your child.

It is a fact that’s Summer, and this is actually one of the hottest ones that England has gone through, so you have to take advantage of the good weather. Parks in Spain are nice, but here they are even better, very wide-opened and divided in different areas so that children under 5’s can enjoy by themselves without being bothered by the grown-ups and at the same time in good company of those ones around their age. For those people who have children under 14 there are other more complex playgrounds , and if it turns out that you are a sporty father and you are not too bothered in playing up and down  you can find other options as well, such as: tennis pitch, basquetball, football, picnic area, a little climbing, among other activities.

It is true though that not all the parks are equiped with the same stuff, but all of them seem to have a nice wide-opened grass area where with a bit of imagination you can enjoy an amusing daddy and daughter time.

So here you have some bits of what we usually do in our spare time with our little one, sometimes just the two of us, sometimes the whole bunch toghether.