The best 3 tips of advice I received on breastfeeding

After having a second child and going through the breastfeeding experience again, I think I’m in a position now to share with you what it helped me the most when I really struggled with breastfeeding my baby. If you’re a new mum that have chosen this option and everything is not going as smooth as the parenting magazines usually show you, you might want to read this:

#1 It’s ok not to be ok

I can’t remember how many times I read and heard about the wonders of breastfeeding, the benefits on your child’s health and development, the bond you build with those precious moments. All that is true, but let me tell you what it’s true as well: the stress you go through when you and the newborn are adapting to each other’s position, the latching that never happens, the wound created because of not doing it properly. During the first 2 months with my daughter my breasts were so sore I couldn’t even wear a t-shirt on. So obviously, I didn’t go out that much, cause I wasn’t going to leave the house topless!


I felt terrible because what I had expected to feel didn’t match at all what I was feeling. How could it be so wonderful if it hurt that much? Wasn’t a mum good enough that I didn’t want to sacrifice myself and continue suffering? One day, after counseling with Sam and praying a lot about it, I came across some information about breastfeeding and a support group. It clearly said: If it hurts when you breastfeed then there’s something wrong going on. Either the position or your baby’s mouth, something, but breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt at all. So please, to the new mum out there: follow that advice, don’t feel terrible with yourself and seek for help. It’s ok not to feel good about something that is physically hurting you so you need to solve whatever is stopping you from going through that wonderful experience with your baby.

#2 Practice makes the difference

When you’re out with your baby and you’re a new mum you think all the eyes will be on you just right before you loose your bra so you get a bit anxious about the whole situation, your baby gets hungrier and hungrier and therefore it gets harder and harder for him to latch properly. But let me tell you one thing, after a couple of months you get so used to it and you don’t bother that much, you feel more relax and everything runs more smoothly. I don’t even use the nursing blanket with E anymore, I don’t mind it, but he gets quite annoyed with it, so if I’m alright with the situation I will just pull my t-shirt up a bit and problem solved. Seriously, don’t worry about it that much, the more often you do it the more used to it you will be. 🙂

#3 You don’t need to go through it alone

This one is on me. Having my second baby on a different country was quite a scary experience and I knew I wouldn’t have the same breastfeeding support groups that I used to attend back in Barcelona, but I learnt the lesson with my first child and I searched for help on the very first week E was born. Luckily for me he didn’t have tongue tight and I knew that breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt, as I already said before, so as soon as I started to feel a bit of pain I went to my local group. As soon as I arrived a very friendly lady guided me to a very comfortable sofa and showed me the different positions I could try to make it easier. I breastfed E right there, she game me a few tips I had forgotten because it had been a while since breastfeeding J, and since then everything started to get better; to the point where after a month, E and I would be completely adapted to one another. Don’t think because you’ve done it with your first child you won’t need help with the following ones. It is always good to refresh yourself and even learn new ways to do it.


I hope these tips of advice will help you somehow. They helped me. And now I can say I enjoy breastfeeding my baby. I love when he giggles right after the fed, I don’t know what makes him laugh to be honest…haha, but it is super cute when he does it. Most important, I am treasuring those moments forever.


Happy Mondays #1- The smile on the mirror

This is the first one on our series of posts about “Small Things that make us happy” that we would like to share with you each week. We all know how stressful life can be, especially when you’re a parent, but acknowledging those small things that in some way make a difference on our daily life is healthy, uplifting, even healing. So we will tell you about that thing that has had that effect on us. It can be anything, and when we say anything, we mean ANYTHING, from something we have bought, or been given away to a memory, moment or simply a feeling, so stop by every Monday and find out what made us happy. 

And without further ado, this week is…THE SMILE ON THE MIRROR

E and I

I don’t know you, but depending on my mood, the day of the month or simply the weather, looking myself at the mirror can be like opening the Narnia’s wardrobe, don’t know what sort of scary creature you’re going to find in there! BUT there is something that always makes me happy. His smile on the mirror. Every time I change his nappy, give him a bath, or whenever I want, I hold my baby in front of the mirror in my room and instead of looking at myself, I look at him, I give him cuddles and tickles and he laughs. He looks at my image on the mirror and smiles, and I smile back, so it becomes a perfect harmony of smiles, the sweetest bonding time that just my baby and myself have. It is our moment, only for the two of us, and regardless of anything that is going on in my life at that moment, that smile, his smile, makes me happy.



What they didn’t tell you about Baby Massage

Our little E had his first baby massage session a couple of weeks ago, and as I told you before on another post, it was interesting…

Before anything, let me share with you first our expectations:

When you think of baby massage you think of a wonderful experience where your baby is going to feel completely relaxed and he will follow along every movement you make to him… kinda like in this picture:


Hands hold softly baby’s feet while baby is looking somewhere thinking on how wonderful he’s feeling in that moment.

But what it really happens has something more to do with this picture:


Baby looks at you like saying “Are you sure you want to touch my feet??..” and he starts moving all around, you try to grab his feet, just as in the picture,  his leg, one side first, then the other… just as the instructor in a peaceful quiet voice is telling you to do but he is not in the mood for that. And if he is not in the mood, no other baby will be, cause you know, they communicate with each other so when one starts complaining the other 9 babies in the room will follow him. Of course, you’ve got the experienced one, the 6-7 months old baby that knows his stuff and is making the pose, as if it was some sort of Yoga instructor, showing the rest how it is supposed to be done.

Anyway, other thing you don’t think of is how are you going to feel when massaging your baby. Let me tell you, emotionally in a bliss because of that bonding experience, physically drained out because of the backache you are going to have when you finish the session. Seriously, there is no right position for you when you have a baby laid on the floor, either you are crushing your knee or you’re breaking your back for bending so much.

Also, what happens if the baby falls asleep just before the session? Can he feel more relaxed than by being asleep?! Oh well, the second time we went to one of these sessions he fell asleep on the car so when we got there we actually “invited” him to wake up. He finally did, so we were able to join the group. The ironies of trying to help your baby relax!


Oh well, these are just a few things to consider, make sure your baby is awake, has been fed and in a good mood…otherwise the baby massage won’t be nothing like you imagine it to be!

We don’t want to leave you with a negative feeling though, so to be honest, practise has made a big difference, and the second time we went was much better than the first time. He was more used to it. We’re planning to do this at home now that we know what it’s about, so if we get to record it we will share it with all of you on our YouTube channel, and you can practise it with us.

In case you get curious, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to massage a baby. Honestly, it was a fun experience, and spending time with your little one is just simply the best. So give it a try and tell us about it!


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