Happy Mondays #6: my 7 months old baby boy

When talking about kids, the phrase “time flies” it’s an unquestionable fact. Our four year old has survived her first week of school with an impressive “WELL DONE” certificate for settling quite well, since she didn’t go to their nursery so it was all new to her; and our 7.5 months old baby boy is continuing to amaze us with his development! 8 Kg (17 pounds) of joy and cheekiness!

baby growing

Let me just share with you a few of his achievements, he can: 

  • Grab the toys with his hands and pass them from one to the other.
  • Say Gu-gu, RRGGGHH and AAAAAAAAAHHH (he’s trilingual, you see…haha)
  • Sit down upright on his own and not fall back as it’s happened in the past..T_T
  • He will extend his arms if he wants you to hold him.
  • He doesn’t choke as often as he used to with his first solid food meals! Less mess, more filled tummies 🙂
  • And many more things of course, but just check this video to see what he’s able to do already!

We’ve got a potential gold medalist runner here! that’s just me being a proud mama, but we all love his “wiggle wiggle”!

What are your little ones surprising you with these days? Share it with us on a comment!

Petite Pudding

What can my 4 months old baby see?

Having a 4, almost  5 months old can be such a fun experience. The other day we were discussing with the family the ups and downs of a baby boy and how they can’t speak up and complain about things apart from crying aloud. One might think that a baby’s routine of just sleeping-eating-nappy changing can be tedious and dreary but if you look closer you will notice that what he sees is much more than what we can see.

So, let me show you a few examples:

The blue sky

baby looking

Every time we go out he stares at the sky, the trees, the leaves, the wind, every little creature that moves around. How fascinating can be everything when you see it for the first time, right?

The baby wipes


I never imagined a packet of wipes could be so entertaining but now every time I change his nappy he turns himself around and tries to grab them, squish them and put them in his mouth.

The sister’s smile

big sister

The look on his face, the sparkle on his eyes. I never saw someone getting so excited for another person. He adores his big sister, no matter how much she squishes him, how many kisses and hugs, no matter if sometimes she is too heavy on him, he always smiles back at her. When he sees her smile he laughs and it’s like his world is complete now. I absolutely love it!


baby hands

Never a pair of hands could get the attention of someone so much. He can be a long time looking at them, playing with them, putting them in his mouth to the point of almost chocking himself! I wonder what is he thinking when doing that…

The ferocious lion

stuffed animal

His little stuffed friend makes him laugh and giggle every time we play with it. As soon as you hold him close to him he tries to reach out to it and, of course, put him in his mouth.

The extreme work-out

We are so so proud of our baby boy’s development! It’s interesting cause when you’ve got a second child you forget about charts, ratings and statistics and just enjoy his achievements at his own pace. With J we would always make sure that she was doing alright according to her age, weight, high, all these bibs and bobs. Now with E, every once in a while I will read something about ” My baby at X months old” and what he is supposed to be doing. But most of the time seeing him happy, healthy, and loved by everyone is our own chart that confirms that he is doing great.

There are many more small things that might seem insignificant to the eyes of a grown-up but are wonderful to the eyes of a baby. I wish sometimes we could see things the way they see it. I wish I could just be happy for the simplest moments. I try, we try, Sam and I, every day to do that, but it is so easy to trap ourselves with the chaos that is currently going on in society. Although thank God, we have our beautiful children to show us that we can see the world with the right eyes when we want.

Your turn! what is your baby into these days? Let’s share our baby stories so we can spread some positivity around! 🙂