Our special Frullato di Frutta recipe

Summer is just around the corner! Ok, not really, we still need to go through all the showers that Spring will bring with it but hey, the moment you see the sunshine coming up through your window all these summer fresh recipes come to your mind. So we thought what a better way to start your day than with a Frullato di Frutta?


On this occasion we are collaborating with Inghams Lakes and Mountains for their “Ingham’s Foddie Finds” Campaign. We are going to show you this special recipe for Frullato di Frutta, a very yummy easy Italian milkshake. The kids love it! Everyone at home does actually and you’ll find out very soon why. Just keep reading… 😉

What do you need for our special frullato di frutta recipe?


  • 2 bananas
  • 300gr strawberries
  • 400ml full fat milk (or skimmed milk)
  • ice
  • and our little secret ingredient: 2 spoons of Nutella
    (* the typical frullato di frutta will have either sugar, syrup or nothing at all since the fruit has its own sweetness. We just like making it extra yummy and Italian! what else more Italian than Nutella?! ) 😉

How do you prepare frullato di frutta?


It’s actually quite simple to make. The riper the fruit the tastier it will be. We have chosen these ones cause we know they’re a safe option for our children’s palate but you can try any other fruit that you please. You cut it all in chunks. Add everything to the blender, except for the ice. We will add it last. Blend it for a couple of minutes and voila! or should we say “pronto!” 🙂

The good thing about this recipe apart from how delicious it is, is that you can save some for later, freeze it using an ice tray or any other ice lollies recipients and your children will be able to enjoy them later on as a healthy ice cream for a warm afternoon.



Find our recipe, along with many other creative and delicious ones from other bloggers on the Inghams Foodie Finds website. You can even download the cookbook if you want to!

Let us know how it went if you decide to give it a go! 🙂


The perfect veggie soup recipe for children

The perfect veggie soup for children is not a fairy tale, trust me. No more “I don’t like it” when they come to the table. Being a parent can be such a huge challenge sometimes and satisfying your children’s palate can seem harder than earning a Michelin star for a restaurant.

That is why we thought it’d be very helpful to all of you desperate parents -that means us, not too long ago too!- if we’d share this easy simple veggie soup recipe. We found it a long time ago on the BBC food website and we decided we would give it our own twist to satisfy the little ones.


The main ingredient, and I would say the star of this recipe that helps soften the other flavours, is leeks. That is why I thought it would be a perfect entry for the #lovemyleeks campaign.

So without further ado,

What do you need for the perfect veggie soup recipe for children?


  • 1-2 leeks (depending on the size)
  • a handful of broccoli (we use frozen ones for our own convenience)
  • spinach (same as broccoli, frozen too)
  • 600 ml of water
  • 1 chicken stock cube
  • 1 spoon of Philadelphia cheese (soft white cheese)
  • salt and pepper

How do you prepare it?


  • You cut the leeks in big chunks, they don’t need to be small. Put the water in the pot and add the broccoli and chicken stock. Bring it to the boil. When it starts boiling add the spinach. Leave it to cook in low temperature for 5-10 more minutes, till you check all the vegetables are tender. Turn off the hob and leave it to cool down for 10 minutes. Then it’s ready to blend. Once it’s blended put it back in the pot and add the spoon of philadelphia. Stir it and season it with salt and pepper.  Now it’s ready to serve! Enjoy it with a piece of bread or whatever you wish. Sometimes we give it to our children along with fish fingers so the meal has all the nutrients they need.


We have a fussy 5 year old eater and a 1 year old that could eat his sister’s meal so satisfying both at the same time is not easy. With this easy veggie soup recipe we have found the way to give them the veggies without them complaining. There you go, a win-win meal for everyone!


sleep through the night

How to help your child sleep through the night

How we got our now 5 years old little girl to sleep through the night is a battle that took us years to figure out. In the aim of helping those parents that are struggling to help their children sleep through the night we will share with you our experience. Hopefully if you put it into practise at home it will be as successful as it has been for us.

First of all, let us give you a bit of background for this. We moved from Barcelona to UK when J was a bit older than 18 months old, still breastfed and almost potty trained. When we arrived to UK the only place we could afford was a small bedsit accommodation where we had to share the bathroom with the other rooms that were in the same floor. Back at home we used to live in a two-bedroom flat, so when J turned 18 months we moved her to her own room, or that’s what we tried. But, as I said, we were in the UK, facing the situation of having to share bed with her again because that was the only space we had. So, we decided to put it back until we got a bigger house.

The time came and we moved to a two bedroom flat, by then she was 2 years old, but her room was quite cold in winter, so we decided to wait til spring. Then her vovo (grandpa) moved in with us while he was looking for a job in UK. He stayed in J’s bedroom for 6 months or so, meaning she was back to our room.

siblings sleeping

After that, we had a few attempts of encouraging her to sleep on her own but nothing worked. New decoration, more toys, nice bed covers, we tried to make her room as cosy as possible. None of that helped really. She wanted to sleep with us and would cry and cry if she didn’t get to do so. I got pregnant when she was 4 so we decided we needed to start looking for more ideas on how to help her overcome this situation. A few months before giving birth to our second child we got to move to a two-bedroom house. This time, it was a more comfortable and a better equipped place than where we were. We decided that of any times that would be the ideal one to take some action. We explained to her than when E turned 6 months he would go to his own bed and that she, as a big sister, would have to share room with him and keep an eye on him. 😉

The time arrived, we moved them both to their own room. All the excitement lasted for a couple of weeks. After that she started crying, waking up more than 5 times at night and coming to our bed. It was an exhausting terrible experience for all of us!

Our first attempt  to help her sleep through the night was the “Reward Calendar”.

reward calendar

For every night she slept on her own bed without going to ours in the middle of the night she would get a sticker in the morning. After 1 week of daily stickers she would get a little surprise. After a whole month the surprise would be “bigger”. (We have a sad story about that that will share with you some other time) Anyway. The stickers worked, but only for a while. We were constant in doing it though. And regardless of the family visits we had at home she would always sleep on her bed. Constancy is key throughout all this process. But this wasn’t to last forever…

star quote

So here our second attempt and definite solution on how we got to help her sleep through the night.

We read about the matter and found different approaches. You could let her cry, for a few minutes, then come back, then leave the room again, and so on, or you could accept she was a child and she needed your comfort at night and therefore just let her come to your room whenever she felt like it. I’m not going to criticise any of them, cause I think that every family is unique and you know what is best for them. We knew that none of them were completely right for us, nor especially for her. Then one day, after actually praying a lot about this, I came across an article that explained the importance of the previous routine before going to bed. Many talk about bath time, bedtime story…I know, but this one had a slightly different thing. When I was going to tell Sam about it he suggested exactly the same idea that I had read, without having heard it before. I knew it then! That wasn’t a coincidence. We found our solution!

So what we did to help our 5 year old sleep through the night? Now she goes to bed always around the same time, which is 8pm (we’re Spanish you see, no way I can put them in bed at 6 or 7…I wish though! 😛 )  At 7.30 we stop doing whatever we’re doing, whether it be watching a movie, YouTube videos, or playing in the iPad, and we start our “relaxing family activity” This is an activity that will entertain her but at the same time will also help her to relax and settle down in preparation of going to sleep. Sometimes we do some colouring, others we play cards, sometimes it’s a jigsaw or even role playing with her little people and dolls house.

toys playing

After that, when it’s almost 8pm we go upstairs and it’s time then to go to the toilet, brush her teeth, I do a bun on her hair and we go to bed. I sit right next to her and read some stories, and then sing a few songs. If E needs some breast milk I might swap the order just for convenience. She sleeps all through the night, goes to bed quite happy and relax and wakes up with energy and a cheerful attitude, most morning unless she’s ill, of course.

It has worked quite well for us. She appreciates that family time where we don’t juggle life but actually just focus only on her and playing with her.  We have gone through many sleepless nights, countless hours of singing, reading, getting impatient,but I am happy to say now that we were inspired to put this method into practise and it has been our answer. Even when we do it for ourselves and leave apart any screens for half an hour before going to bed we sleep much better. We totally recommend you to give it a try if you’re going through a similar situation. Obviously we’re talking about a toddler age, not really for a baby. But we will follow the same approach with E when the time comes.

Have you gone through something similar? Do you have any other recommendations on how to help the children sleep through the night? Tell us about it 🙂

blogging jealousy

Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s blog

Although this is not family related it is blogging related but since the other day Sam told me my family blog seems like another child in our home we are talking about the same thing then… 😛

Blogger jealousy…have you ever look at somebody else’s blog and thought to yourself: mmm, how do they make it look so good?? I’m sure we’re talking about similar life experiences, in terms of parenting! but how come do they have thousands of followers and so many comments and mine is left in the corner like the kid that nobody wants to play with?

Oh well, I relaunched my blog 6 months ago when I had the urge to share with everyone our life changing experience of giving birth in the water and since then discovered my new passion for blogging. This new hobby has given me the opportunity to grow my social media skills, my photography skills and even my writing, not only in English but also in Spanish, as this is a multilingual family blog.

water birth

Giving birth in the water to our second child 🙂

Along the way though I had my ups and downs and in the aim of learning more and being more engaged with the blogging community I read other parenting blogs too. It was hard not to fall in the “comparing myself to others wagon”. Something that you should never do if you want to keep growing. The way I see it is like the horse that needs to wear those blinders to keep himself focus and go straight, listening to its owner’s directions. If you look to the sides, you lose the point where you were heading to. So the first rule to not covet your neighbour’s blog is

Don’t look to the side

Now, I need to clarify this point. Don’t look to other bloggers to see what they’ve got and you don’t to make you feel bad. Look at others with the spirit of wanting to learn and apply to your own blog what you think will work for you. I, for example, have come to like a lot  some blogs, ones for the way they tell their stories, other ones for their aesthetic, other ones because of how engaging and friendly are online… they all teach me good lessons, and yes, at some point I was jealous but I got rid of those feelings and started to enjoy myself much more.

The second rule is linked to the first one…Don’t judge others

This story will help you understand it:

“There was a little girl that lived up in a mountain in a very small, old house. From there she could see another house up in the other hill. Its windows were always shining like gold. She wanted to live in that house. She thought it was beautiful, not like hers. One day she decided to get a bit closer. She walked up to the other house. When she got there, to her surprise, the house was abandoned, not well looked-after, it had nothing to do with what she expected to find…however, from that house she could see her own home, its windows were shining like gold.” (excerpt from General Conference Women Session)


See? the grass grows always greener on the other side, or that’s what it looks like, right? Behind those perfect Instagram accounts, those lovely pictures of smiley children, behind that “perfect blog”, there’s an imperfect person with an imperfect life that we don’t know of.

The third and last rule,  stay true to yourself.


I always remind this to myself. Hopefully it will help you too. It doesn’t matter what brands like, what your audience likes, you are not writing to “please” everyone. Your blog, as jokingly my husband said, it’s like another child, unique, especial, you want it to be its best to its own pace, to its own way. This is not a race to get followers, everyone is the winner if we become our very best. For me, blogging has more to do with sharing my family experiences in the aim to find people along the way that will be able to enjoy them, feel somehow related and grow with us. Don’t be like anybody else, just be you, and the companies that will want to work with you, or the readers that will engage with you is because they like you just the way you are.. (yes, I remembered Bruno Mars’ song as I wrote that bit.. LOL)

Blogger jealousy? Life jealousy? at the end it’s all the same, nothing good comes from “coveting” or “envying” others. Share with us your thoughts! We’re looking forward to reading them. 🙂

How to overcome post-vacation syndrome or my 3 glimpses of joy

OK, it’s been a while since we left behind the beautiful beaches, the sunshine and our dear family in Barcelona, besides the first week of school is over now so we should say that it is time to move on and get over the post-vacation syndrome, don’t you think?

First of all, let me just clarify a few things, I’m not a doctor whatsoever so if you truly are suffering from some sort of depression please seek medical advice as it can be treated as any other illness. Looking for help is the right thing to do. This post just intends to share with you how we’ve overcome those feelings of burden, loneliness and stress that come when you’re back to a routine and are no longer surrounded by a warm weather and a cold drink. 😉


Let me confess to you all that as soon as I landed and got home I was not in the mood at all and I searched for any excuse possible to start an argument, I know…that’s not right, but that’s what happened. The rest of the week didn’t go too much better but I tried not to be so grumpy. I don’t know, I guess I had mixed feelings of facing my routine again, not being surrounded by the people I love, apart from my own family of course. So the days went by and I noticed I had lost some spark, some sense of humour and I was suffering, but above all, my own family were suffering as well. I must say that the little ones had their own way to express it…E for example, being just a baby didn’t laugh as often as he used to, basically because there he had tons of people smiling and playing with him, and J, she was sad as well. She understands that we have work and school here in UK but she, without a shadow of a doubt, would go back to live in Barcelona. I don’t really think she understands that she wouldn’t be able to spend the whole time in a swimming pool and playing with her yayus though… but anyway she was so sweet, she mentioned to Sam her concern about being away from her grandparents. In her own words she said “Who’s gonna be with them? There’s no J there, we need to create another me to go live with them” My heart almost broke when I heard that.

at the beach

So now comes the turning point. No sadness last forever. I knew I was skipping some things that would help me to be more focused and in tune with the Spirit. Remember, as we said before, we are a believer family, so praying and scripture study work for us. For you might be something different, maybe meditation, maybe a good read, whatever makes you feel more in peace with yourself, the important thing is that you’ve got something. So it was the middle of the week and didn’t expect any visits when two people knocked on my door. I was alone with the kids and I get a bit paranoid of opening the door to strangers but this time I went and the two sister missionaries from my church were standing there. They came in, had a drink and we had a nice chat. Then they challenged me to do something: every day I needed to look for my 3 glimpses of joy and write them down somewhere, so by the end of the week I would have a list of the things that made us happy. I agreed to do it and so I started on that same day.

At night, during dinner time, I shared this with Sam and we all thought of what things had made us happy that day. Making that effort helped me to go out of the “darkness side” and see the many reasons I had in my life every day to feel good, to laugh, to cry of joy… Let me share a few things that I recall very quick:

One day, while J and Sam were at the park, only the two of them, she picked up a flower for me and Sam took a picture of her with a beautiful smile on her face.


Thinking of mummy…

Other of my glimpses of joy was the sunshine we enjoyed one of the days. Another one was to see little man enjoying a lot one of the new solid foods he’s trying.

Then we got to enjoy some really nice ice creams after the park one day.

As you can see, there’s no fanciness or spending lots of money to go back to your true-self, to the one that doesn’t need holidays to feel good, to laugh. Being thankful, acknowledge the bright side of things, the people you love and the ones that you need to work a bit more to do so, help you, at least, helped us, overcome post-vacation syndrome. Hope as you read this it will help you in some way or another too.

Have a great back to school, back to work you all!!

PS What are your 3 glimpses of joy for this week?! 🙂

Petite Pudding

My baby’s first food session

Our baby boy is 5 months old already and this week we were invited to attend a baby’s first food session. It was a great experience and because before going there I felt quite lost about the whole thing I thought I would share with you bits of the information that they gave to us. Hope it gives you a rough idea of what to expect, but please, if you have the chance to go to one, don’t miss it out!

Our little J was born in Barcelona and things there work a bit different in many aspects of the health system. So there you have a pediatrician assigned to you that you visit regularly and he or she gives you the outlines that you’re recommended to follow. For example, in terms of weaning your baby they will share with you a list with the do’s and don’ts, which usually is very strict and regulated. I can’t remember everything now cause it’s been almost 4 years since then but let’s say you couldn’t give your child cereal with gluten if they hadn’t tried gluten free first. You weren’t allowed to give some fruits until a specific age and things like that.

But hey! we’re in the UK now and we’re excited to try a new method with our baby E! That is part of our experience of living abroad, cause if you stick to the same habits you might lose other things. Here it is quite simple and relax. Basically once your baby turns 6 months and shows the 3 signs that I will tell you in a minute, she will be ready to start trying EVERYTHING. Yep! Of course there are a few guidelines but in summary your baby can try everything that you eat in very small portions. The trick relies on the HOW.

So first, the 3 signs that tell you that your baby is ready to start eating solid food:

baby first solid foods

There are a few foods to avoid:

baby first solid foods to avoid

And here the important bit, the HOW, if you don’t want to go through two transitions, (milk – puree/ puree – solid) and go straight into solid there is a safe way to do it: finger food.

According to the Child Accident Prevention Trust:

  • Round food is not our friend. Cut them in quarters ideally.
  • Think long and thin. Anything smaller than a two pence piece can get stuck.
  • Save the hard stuff for later.
  • Take it easy tiger. Remind them to sit still and chew before putting in more.

baby finger food

These were shared at the session 🙂 [parsnip, carrots, pear, broccoli and banana]

Finally, let me share with you a meal planner that was given to us that might give you a few ideas of what to try. Oh! before I forget, no bottle water or tap water until they grow a bit more (9 months approximately) It is recommended to give them boil water after cooling it down, obviously. And you can extend your breast milk or formula milk for as long as you feel. I breastfed J until she turned 2, and I’m planning to do the same thing with E. She had barely no sicknesses and grew nice and healthy. 🙂

(*The number you see under the day is the amount of salt for the day)

baby first foods meal planner baby first foods meal planner

We think our baby E is not ready yet so we will probably wait a few more weeks to start but you can see here how he’s already enjoying trying a piece of pear for the very first time in his life!

baby first food

That’s our experience about starting our baby with solid foods. We are all really excited for this new stage but we need to remember that the main nutrition source will continue to be the breast milk, in our case, and it’s not a matter of “eating” it’s a matter of exploring new textures and enjoying himself with food and new flavours.

Are you in that stage already? Any fears or concerns? Share it with us. We can all help each other out! 🙂


The best 3 tips of advice I received on breastfeeding

After having a second child and going through the breastfeeding experience again, I think I’m in a position now to share with you what it helped me the most when I really struggled with breastfeeding my baby. If you’re a new mum that have chosen this option and everything is not going as smooth as the parenting magazines usually show you, you might want to read this:

#1 It’s ok not to be ok

I can’t remember how many times I read and heard about the wonders of breastfeeding, the benefits on your child’s health and development, the bond you build with those precious moments. All that is true, but let me tell you what it’s true as well: the stress you go through when you and the newborn are adapting to each other’s position, the latching that never happens, the wound created because of not doing it properly. During the first 2 months with my daughter my breasts were so sore I couldn’t even wear a t-shirt on. So obviously, I didn’t go out that much, cause I wasn’t going to leave the house topless!


I felt terrible because what I had expected to feel didn’t match at all what I was feeling. How could it be so wonderful if it hurt that much? Wasn’t a mum good enough that I didn’t want to sacrifice myself and continue suffering? One day, after counseling with Sam and praying a lot about it, I came across some information about breastfeeding and a support group. It clearly said: If it hurts when you breastfeed then there’s something wrong going on. Either the position or your baby’s mouth, something, but breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt at all. So please, to the new mum out there: follow that advice, don’t feel terrible with yourself and seek for help. It’s ok not to feel good about something that is physically hurting you so you need to solve whatever is stopping you from going through that wonderful experience with your baby.

#2 Practice makes the difference

When you’re out with your baby and you’re a new mum you think all the eyes will be on you just right before you loose your bra so you get a bit anxious about the whole situation, your baby gets hungrier and hungrier and therefore it gets harder and harder for him to latch properly. But let me tell you one thing, after a couple of months you get so used to it and you don’t bother that much, you feel more relax and everything runs more smoothly. I don’t even use the nursing blanket with E anymore, I don’t mind it, but he gets quite annoyed with it, so if I’m alright with the situation I will just pull my t-shirt up a bit and problem solved. Seriously, don’t worry about it that much, the more often you do it the more used to it you will be. 🙂

#3 You don’t need to go through it alone

This one is on me. Having my second baby on a different country was quite a scary experience and I knew I wouldn’t have the same breastfeeding support groups that I used to attend back in Barcelona, but I learnt the lesson with my first child and I searched for help on the very first week E was born. Luckily for me he didn’t have tongue tight and I knew that breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt, as I already said before, so as soon as I started to feel a bit of pain I went to my local group. As soon as I arrived a very friendly lady guided me to a very comfortable sofa and showed me the different positions I could try to make it easier. I breastfed E right there, she game me a few tips I had forgotten because it had been a while since breastfeeding J, and since then everything started to get better; to the point where after a month, E and I would be completely adapted to one another. Don’t think because you’ve done it with your first child you won’t need help with the following ones. It is always good to refresh yourself and even learn new ways to do it.


I hope these tips of advice will help you somehow. They helped me. And now I can say I enjoy breastfeeding my baby. I love when he giggles right after the fed, I don’t know what makes him laugh to be honest…haha, but it is super cute when he does it. Most important, I am treasuring those moments forever.


The power of an eye liner

I need to write this post before my little E wakes up from his morning nap. So I will try to tell you in a few words the healing power of an eye liner.


You must know first though that I’m not any close to a fashion blogger, so don’t expect to read anything here that has to do with shadows, mixing or make up base. (I hope you’re not too disappointed on that!) But rather than that, I’d like to explain what is more important to me and that is self-esteem. During my third trimester of pregnancy I felt very FAT, not only that, but I also felt so physically exhausted that raising my arm, holding a brush and doing my hair seemed like a climbing the Everest sort of effort, as a consequence to that you would see me walking around the house on my rob, a messy pony tail and NO presence of make up on my face at all. Going out was a nightmare cause I not only knew I wouldn’t look good I also thought others would think the same and therefore felt terrible with myself. In that time we decided to move houses so I completely lost my make up bag, no trace of it at all around the new house for a while.

It’s now been three months since I gave birth, luckily for me I lost all my pregnancy weight, which I knew it would happen quite easily, not so luckily I was overweight before getting pregnant so I still have a long way to go before reaching my ideal weight. BUT I decided one day that enough was enough, that even if I felt tired, now because of breastfeeding, I didn’t need to look tired, so after finding my make up, I put some eye liner on, and the magic was done! A new “me”, someone that looked after herself, the little tiny effort had had that effect on me. And as in other things in life, when something makes you feel good, you want more and more of that, so I added some blush, and then even tried some foam on my hair to give it some volume, and…ta-dah!

This is not the daily “me” (You might still see me on the store with my messy pony tail and no make up on, hopefully not with the robe though :P) But this experience helps me remember that even if I do a little I can feel a big difference. The power of an eye liner doesn’t lie on the brand or your skill to put some make up on, it lies on the effort of looking after yourself. Because only when you love yourself you can love others, only when you see good in yourself, you can see good in others, and only when you’re in a higher position you can reach out your hand and lift others.

How to make a cool tie knot

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As an LDS man (Latter-Day Saints), you’re encouraged to dress smart on a Sunday, but the option for menswear are not that varied, white shirt and suit; so the other day Sam found this cool tie knot and many others on the Internet.

It’s called the Trinity Knot, and even though for me they all kinda look alike, it got the attention of many of the men in the family and at church. By the way, he was so excited of his “tremendous” change of outfit that we thought it would be cool to shoot a video tutorial.

And..ta-dah! Here it is, the first one in the series 🙂 Enjoy and learn how to make the Trinity knot. 

It looks quite good actually 😉  so don’t be afraid…give it a go and let us know how it went!

Choosing the perfect CV

I recently contacted the National Careers Service, an organisation that helps you get the most of your jobseeking and find the right position for you. So for anyone who’s interested here I share some of the tips they gave me, keeping in mind always that we are talking about an English CV, different from the Spanish one.

CV formats

You can use different formats of CV to draw attention to your strengths, target a particular job and communicate your career aims (for example, change career, get a promotion).

Here are some CV formats you might like to think about using:

Targeted CV

You might use a targeted CV to:

  • aim for a specific type of job
  • change career
  • highlight skills you have but don’t use in your current job
  • emphasise your skills rather than your past jobs – if you have had a lot of jobs or if you’ve not worked for a while.

In a targeted CV, you list your skills and achievements in a separate section, not in the employment section. Targeted CVs stress the skills and experience that are directly relevant to a specific job. You can keep different versions of this type of CV if you’re applying for more than one type of job.

Performance CV

You might like to use a performance CV if:

  • you want to highlight your career progression
  • your last employer is well-known by the company you’re applying to
  • you want to stay in the same line of work.

A performance CV is the most popular type of CV and focuses attention on job titles and company names, starting with your most recent job. Under each job title you list your duties and achievements. You may want to split employment record details if you gained promotion within the same company.

Functional CV

You might consider using a functional CV if:

  • you’ve had a varied career
  • you want to change career
  • you’ve got gaps in your employment history
  • you want to emphasise skills you have but don’t use in your current job.

In a functional CV you promote your skills and achievements in four to six ‘functional headings’. These headings should be geared towards the skills you need for the job you want.

I think this is quite a useful information because as they told me you need to get the employer’s attention in just 20 or 30 seconds so you better have an outstanding CV that explains clearly why they should choose you.  Here you have more information about it CV formats

I still haven’t made up mind yet about which one would suit me the best but I’ll let you know if it works!!