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A well-deserved break…

Last week Sam was on holidays for a whole week. It was a really nice break because we got some time to enjoy each other’s company. We didn’t go abroad or do anything particularly special but just watch some films…


The great weekend

Since we think a picture is worth a thousand words here we share with all of you some of the special moments we had with my parents and my little brother on their first visit to England. It was a…


Getting ready for the first family visit

(First Julia’s pet salon kitty, she’s an artist! Isn’t she?) Making plans for the “yayus” visit… We are all so excited to have my parents and my little brother coming over next weekend! They will get here on the 20th,…


Our moving abroad playlist

Have you ever had a song that takes you to that specific moment in your life? Well, we have a few of those, actually our own little ‘moving abroad playlist’ and we’d like to share it with you. Impossible –…


Choosing the perfect CV

I recently contacted the National Careers Service, an organisation that helps you get the most of your jobseeking and find the right position for you. So for anyone who’s interested here I share some of the tips they gave me,…


Just another Sunday…

in our lives. What do you do on a Sunday with an almost 2-year old little one when you have 10 hours after going to church just for you and her to be at home?? Yep, that’s basically the big sort of “challenge” J and…


Daddy-daughter special moments

Now it’s my time to share with you some of my experiences here in England, hahaha.Supposing that the reason why fathers come to England is for working, and working a lot, since the “good life” that used to be in…


A week full of celebration!

This week is being all about celebration! Celebrating my birthday, celebrating our wedding anniversary and celebrating The British Pageant! Let’s start from the beginning: Monday! on July 29th I turned 30! the so “unexpected year” for many in their twenties……


The 5 most useful websites before coming to the UK

So here we are again, and for this week… what about an “Informative post”? Let us share with you which have been, in our humble opinion, the five most useful websites for our preparation before coming to the UK. And…


Moving to Manchester

Ok! So now that you know a bit more About us let’s explain WHY Manchester! When you tell people you are moving to England most of them will say “Oh! to London?!, that’s a very nice city” as if it was…


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