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What are my baby’s favourite solid food meals

A while ago we shared with you the best tips to know when your baby is ready for solid foods. It’s been a couple of months since then and our 8 months old baby boy has already decided which foods are the best, or “tastiest” for him, so we thought we should share them with you too. Just in case you might be running out of ideas…

So, we are weaning him off through the “finger foods” method, that means we give him the food in small portions, easy to grab and eat by himself. We have made purees every once in a while too, but most of the time it has been things he can eat on his own and breast milk, cause yes, I’m still breastfeeding him, and if possible, I will continue to do so until he turns 2, just like I did with J.

baby eating

Anyway…before I go deeper into breastfeeding, let’s go back to the meals.

Meal #1

Ham and cheese sandwich 

This is basically a slice of cooked ham that we roll up and cut it in half, some bites of cheddar cheese fingers, and a small piece of bread. We put everything on separate sides of the plate so he’s able to choose what he wants to eat.

baby meal

Meal #2

Homemade Fish and chips

Please, don’t, don’t think we go to a fish&chips place and buy him some, we don’t want to kill or baby! Homemade fish, usually cod, that I do in the oven or cooked in the pan with a bit of olive oil and oven chips, I put some mushed peas once but he didn’t pay much attention to them..

Meal #3

Macaroni cheese with Broccoli

I made this the other day, it was an absolute success. I boiled the broccoli along with the pasta and cooked apart the sauce with some cheddar cheese, a bit of butter and onion. When they were done I mixed them together. He loved it!

Meal #4

Omelette with natural tomatoes

I cut both things in small pieces that he will be able to swallow and he likes them quite a bit. I fry the omelette by the way and put the tomatoes aside on his plate. Sometimes I add some cheddar cheese bites.

Meal #5

Pasta Bolognese

I usually do it with my own pasata sauce, so everything is more natural for him. But I cook everything as usual, the only thing is that if I know he is going to eat from there I won’t add chicken stock and I will boil the pasta with just a bit of olive oil and salt.

eating strawberry

and his favourites bites are...

  • Fruits: strawberry, grapes and banana
  • Snacks: french yougurts, apple biscuits, leak and tomato cheetos
  • Meat: tuna, cod, salmon, chicken and ham

As I said before, when I know he is going to eat from our food I don’t add any salt to the ingredients, the same applies for sugar. I use full fat milk, if that’s part of the recipe and I usually breastfeed him before and/or after the meal, it is up to him.

happy baby

We are so pleased with his development in all ways that we feel very blessed and grateful for having such a strong, happy and healthy baby boy.

If you’re getting closer to that stage but are not sure if your baby is ready for solid foods you might want to read this.

Anyway, hope these meals give you some ideas! What are your little one’s favourites?!

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  1. Monday October 10th, 2016 / 10:08 AM

    que ricos menus!!! asi cualquiera…jijiji
    muy variados y con verduritas. Que bien Eli, seguira creciendo sano y fuerte.
    Y las fotos wuapisimas!!!

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