The power of an eye liner

I need to write this post before my little E wakes up from his morning nap. So I will try to tell you in a few words the healing power of an eye liner.


You must know first though that I’m not any close to a fashion blogger, so don’t expect to read anything here that has to do with shadows, mixing or make up base. (I hope you’re not too disappointed on that!) But rather than that, I’d like to explain what is more important to me and that is self-esteem. During my third trimester of pregnancy I felt very FAT, not only that, but I also felt so physically exhausted that raising my arm, holding a brush and doing my hair seemed like a climbing the Everest sort of effort, as a consequence to that you would see me walking around the house on my rob, a messy pony tail and NO presence of make up on my face at all. Going out was a nightmare cause I not only knew I wouldn’t look good I also thought others would think the same and therefore felt terrible with myself. In that time we decided to move houses so I completely lost my make up bag, no trace of it at all around the new house for a while.

It’s now been three months since I gave birth, luckily for me I lost all my pregnancy weight, which I knew it would happen quite easily, not so luckily I was overweight before getting pregnant so I still have a long way to go before reaching my ideal weight. BUT I decided one day that enough was enough, that even if I felt tired, now because of breastfeeding, I didn’t need to look tired, so after finding my make up, I put some eye liner on, and the magic was done! A new “me”, someone that looked after herself, the little tiny effort had had that effect on me. And as in other things in life, when something makes you feel good, you want more and more of that, so I added some blush, and then even tried some foam on my hair to give it some volume, and…ta-dah!

This is not the daily “me” (You might still see me on the store with my messy pony tail and no make up on, hopefully not with the robe though :P) But this experience helps me remember that even if I do a little I can feel a big difference. The power of an eye liner doesn’t lie on the brand or your skill to put some make up on, it lies on the effort of looking after yourself. Because only when you love yourself you can love others, only when you see good in yourself, you can see good in others, and only when you’re in a higher position you can reach out your hand and lift others.

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  1. dearbearandbeany says:

    I used to love browsing the shops for new make up and matching it to outfits, but since having my girls I just don’t get the time. Nowadays it’s a quick bit of cover up and I’m out the door. I don’t feel the need to be made up to feel good, just to hide the bags under my eyes. x

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