You know you’re an introvert blogger when…

You get nervous AND excited with your first comment from a completely stranger.

giphy (4)

You join a LINKY and feel like you’ve just crashed a party and everyone is looking at you thinking “who is this newbie?!

giphy (3)

You have a DRAFT post saved for ages cause you’re just not too sure of showing it to the WORLD!

giphy (2)

You comment on someone else’s post and feel like “Hi, I was just stopping by and..”

giphy (1)

And last but not least, you get a FOLLOWER and think “YEAH!” and then “Wait?! I don’t know that person AT ALL, is he/she stalking me??!”



OK, you got me there, am I an introvert blogger? Maybe! Sometimes! and it might be because I’m just starting in this blogging world and all these freaking outs just vanish away in the future, but who knows! have you ever felt like that? or am I alone here?! haha


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15 thoughts on “You know you’re an introvert blogger when…

  1. Fran @ Whinge Whinge Wine says:

    I am loving the gifs. I must learn how to do this!
    I have never been what you could call an introvert and I STILL get nervous pressing the publish button. Ridiculous eh?? It’s great to have you on board and ps we LOVE having people gatecrash #chucklemums!

    • elituesbay says:

      haha thanks Fran! enjoying myself quite a bit with this blogging thing 😉 we do all get nervous for one thing or the other..thanks for your comment! xx

  2. sarahandlouisemumstheword says:

    Ha ha! Can totally relate to ALL of these. Sarah and I have only been blogging for 5 months and for me, putting my first post out there felt like i’d found myself naked on the school run. So exposed! And then it’s such a lovely feeling when people who aren’t your best friend or your mum start leaving comments. That’s when the addiction starts… #chucklemums

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