Top 6 things to take with you when flying with kids

From our experience with travelling with 2 under 5 a few times, let us share with you some things that have worked for us to make the trip more bearable. So without further ado, our top 6 things to take with you when flying with kids:

#1 The Hand luggage

sofia the first

Her first own hand luggage! 😀

This last summer we checked  a few kids hand luggage trying to find the right one for our 5 year old. I’ve seen many families using “trunki” but after checking dimensions and features it didn’t fit quite well for our needs, to be honest. So here, we found online this cute one, from Sophia the first. What we liked the most was the 4 wheels, makes it easier to push around the airport and the hard case…our child would seat on it every time she wanted a break. Plus, compared to other ones, had enough room to actually carry a few things in it.

#2 The Travel Pillow

We bought ours from Poundland (it was more than a pound) but you can easily find it in other places such as Primark, M&S, Quality Save, that it’s up to your pocket. This is a must if you’re travelling with little ones so you can protect them from any stiff neck during the flight.  Trust me, if you’re lucky enough, they will fall asleep and you will need this pillow.

#3 The Snacks


Doesn’t it happen in your family that every time you go out with your kids they suddenly get starving as if they hadn’t eaten for a month?! Well, flights are not any different, apart from the money you can spend if you decide to buy things at the airport. Where, for example, a bottle of water can cost you almost 2 pounds and if you buy the food during the flight you can expect to pay 3 times the cost of a Tesco meal…

So, since you are flying with kids, you can put some snacks in your cabin bag, just don’t buy any drinks before the trip, remember that anything bigger than 100ml will be taken out at customs. For our last flight, we bought some crisps, small bags of fruit and cereal bars from Asda. Also, don’t forget if you’re flying with a baby you are allowed to take with you your baby’s food along with some milk. Just in case, it is always safe to check the airline you’re flying with beforehand.

#4 The Entertainment


You can see the colouring AND the travel pillow ! (a spiderman fan 😉 )

Let’s be honest, the excitement of seeing an aeroplane will last them, for how long, maybe 20-30 minutes…then you are in a place where there are loads of people, many corridors, too many gates and doors, so you want them to be entertained and by your side. For our little E, who’s 8 months old now, on our last flight he was 5, we took a few of his toys (the small ones of course) For princess J, we took a colouring book, some crayons, and a couple of barbies. She paid more attention to colouring than to playing so probably next time Barbie won’t get to come with us! But you know your children and will pick the right entertainment for them. Our advice, make it small and easy to carry. Something that in any case you can put inside your hand luggage at any time.

#5 The wipes

Between snacks, running around, crying, or whatever you need, it is always safe to have some baby wipes handy. You will use them for anything, ANYTHING! 😉

#6 Kids app that will work off-line

Or during plane-mode. If your iPad or any other device is full of games that will only work online you won’t want them to spend all your internet during the flight or while waiting at the airport. So better safe than sorry and make sure you have the right apps for them, along with some children movies that you previously downloaded. Oh! and don’t forget the headphones! You don’t want to be a pain for whoever is sitting next to you.

Oh well, now that you are super ready with our top 6 things to take with you when flying with kids, relax and enjoy the flight! Wherever you are going, and no matter how long or horrible the experience may be, -hopefully not- remember that it will only be a small part of your whole journey! 🙂

Any other recommendations? Things that have worked for you? Looking forward to reading them 🙂

sleep through the night

How to help your child sleep through the night

How we got our now 5 years old little girl to sleep through the night is a battle that took us years to figure out. In the aim of helping those parents that are struggling to help their children sleep through the night we will share with you our experience. Hopefully if you put it into practise at home it will be as successful as it has been for us.

First of all, let us give you a bit of background for this. We moved from Barcelona to UK when J was a bit older than 18 months old, still breastfed and almost potty trained. When we arrived to UK the only place we could afford was a small bedsit accommodation where we had to share the bathroom with the other rooms that were in the same floor. Back at home we used to live in a two-bedroom flat, so when J turned 18 months we moved her to her own room, or that’s what we tried. But, as I said, we were in the UK, facing the situation of having to share bed with her again because that was the only space we had. So, we decided to put it back until we got a bigger house.

The time came and we moved to a two bedroom flat, by then she was 2 years old, but her room was quite cold in winter, so we decided to wait til spring. Then her vovo (grandpa) moved in with us while he was looking for a job in UK. He stayed in J’s bedroom for 6 months or so, meaning she was back to our room.

siblings sleeping

After that, we had a few attempts of encouraging her to sleep on her own but nothing worked. New decoration, more toys, nice bed covers, we tried to make her room as cosy as possible. None of that helped really. She wanted to sleep with us and would cry and cry if she didn’t get to do so. I got pregnant when she was 4 so we decided we needed to start looking for more ideas on how to help her overcome this situation. A few months before giving birth to our second child we got to move to a two-bedroom house. This time, it was a more comfortable and a better equipped place than where we were. We decided that of any times that would be the ideal one to take some action. We explained to her than when E turned 6 months he would go to his own bed and that she, as a big sister, would have to share room with him and keep an eye on him. 😉

The time arrived, we moved them both to their own room. All the excitement lasted for a couple of weeks. After that she started crying, waking up more than 5 times at night and coming to our bed. It was an exhausting terrible experience for all of us!

Our first attempt  to help her sleep through the night was the “Reward Calendar”.

reward calendar

For every night she slept on her own bed without going to ours in the middle of the night she would get a sticker in the morning. After 1 week of daily stickers she would get a little surprise. After a whole month the surprise would be “bigger”. (We have a sad story about that that will share with you some other time) Anyway. The stickers worked, but only for a while. We were constant in doing it though. And regardless of the family visits we had at home she would always sleep on her bed. Constancy is key throughout all this process. But this wasn’t to last forever…

star quote

So here our second attempt and definite solution on how we got to help her sleep through the night.

We read about the matter and found different approaches. You could let her cry, for a few minutes, then come back, then leave the room again, and so on, or you could accept she was a child and she needed your comfort at night and therefore just let her come to your room whenever she felt like it. I’m not going to criticise any of them, cause I think that every family is unique and you know what is best for them. We knew that none of them were completely right for us, nor especially for her. Then one day, after actually praying a lot about this, I came across an article that explained the importance of the previous routine before going to bed. Many talk about bath time, bedtime story…I know, but this one had a slightly different thing. When I was going to tell Sam about it he suggested exactly the same idea that I had read, without having heard it before. I knew it then! That wasn’t a coincidence. We found our solution!

So what we did to help our 5 year old sleep through the night? Now she goes to bed always around the same time, which is 8pm (we’re Spanish you see, no way I can put them in bed at 6 or 7…I wish though! 😛 )  At 7.30 we stop doing whatever we’re doing, whether it be watching a movie, YouTube videos, or playing in the iPad, and we start our “relaxing family activity” This is an activity that will entertain her but at the same time will also help her to relax and settle down in preparation of going to sleep. Sometimes we do some colouring, others we play cards, sometimes it’s a jigsaw or even role playing with her little people and dolls house.

toys playing

After that, when it’s almost 8pm we go upstairs and it’s time then to go to the toilet, brush her teeth, I do a bun on her hair and we go to bed. I sit right next to her and read some stories, and then sing a few songs. If E needs some breast milk I might swap the order just for convenience. She sleeps all through the night, goes to bed quite happy and relax and wakes up with energy and a cheerful attitude, most morning unless she’s ill, of course.

It has worked quite well for us. She appreciates that family time where we don’t juggle life but actually just focus only on her and playing with her.  We have gone through many sleepless nights, countless hours of singing, reading, getting impatient,but I am happy to say now that we were inspired to put this method into practise and it has been our answer. Even when we do it for ourselves and leave apart any screens for half an hour before going to bed we sleep much better. We totally recommend you to give it a try if you’re going through a similar situation. Obviously we’re talking about a toddler age, not really for a baby. But we will follow the same approach with E when the time comes.

Have you gone through something similar? Do you have any other recommendations on how to help the children sleep through the night? Tell us about it 🙂

conversations 5yo

Conversations with a 5 year old #series

I have decided, mostly for our own entertainment but hopefully for yours too, that we are going to keep a record of some of our little princess’ witticisms. They are little gems of innocence with sparkles of cheekiness that make us laugh all, even when we remember about them after a long time! I don’t know how long I will run this series for, but I’ll post once a month our latest conversations with our 5 year old.

conversations with 5yo

At the school gate…

We are walking towards the gate, early morning, many other parents on the same run to drop their kids at school. Suddenly J notices across the street a boy from her Reception class. She pulls my coat and tells me:

-Mum! That’s XXX!

Boy stops, J stops. Then boy shouts at J:

– Are you in my class, aren’t you?

<Guys! School started in September! they have been seeing each other 5 days a week for over 5 weeks by now!>

BUT, wait for her response…

-Yeah… I think so!  She says to the boy.

Then the boy starts hoping all happy, yelling  ‘J, that’s J! ‘and gets all excited… J laughs and we continue our walk to the school gate.

I had to hold myself from laughing to be honest! Kids are kids, and their conversations sometimes are just #mindblowing!

At home…

We are at the dinner table having our supper, it’s just her and I, and E, but he only says “bla bla” at the moment, so not too much interaction with that. I ask her about school and activities..

-J, are you practising something nice at school? Like a dance or something for the parents?

– I think so mummy, no wait…I can’t remember, maybe we’re doing something.. (she seems all lost by now) So I tell her

– Maybe you’re practising something but it’s a surprise for mummies and daddies?!

She replies -Maybe,..or maybe it’s a surprise for ourselves too! who knows mummy…

hahaha, seriously, I could only answer to that saying, “yes, my sweetheart, it will be a nice surprise for EVERYONE!” #LOL


Anyway, we’re going to leave it here for now, cause we just recently thought of this idea and therefore haven’t been keeping track of all our amazing conversations with her but we promise that for next month we will share many more. Just don’t forget to stop by again around this time of the month!  😀


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Playing with Kidloland app – Review and Giveaway

Having a 5 year old who has such a creative mind and wild spirit makes it hard to entertain, if on top of that, we add an 8 months old baby boy whose curiosity takes him to the most dangerous places, such as plugs, sharp corners or bed edges, then finding something that can get them both distracted for a while is a definite success!

That’s why when we were approached by the Kidloland team giving us the chance to review their app we said YES right away. 🙂 This Nursery Rhyme, Songs, Games and Activities app, for those of you that haven’t heard about it before, is a 0-5 years old kids app that has more than 95 classic nursery rhymes, ABC phonics, 45 stories of all sorts, more than 300 educational activities, 24 toddler and baby games, among many other surprises…


At home we are very conscious and careful of how much time in front of a screen we allow the kids to be. We’ve learnt that from past mistakes, must admit. Not only that but on my mobile phone J knows she can only have 2 apps installed. We learnt that as well from making the mistake in the past of downloading anything she wanted and ended up with an addicted undecided toddler! So I told her some nice people gave us this app for her to try and play with it. You know why I know she loved it? Because she hasn’t asked for another one, and it’s been on my phone 3 weeks in a row, that is a complete success for us! She is not that much into Rhymes, but enjoys much more the Games and Activities. Every once in a while she practices the phonics, which is great because she just started Reception at school.


The baby boy, who is 8 months old,  is more into whatever the big sister is doing, but the bright colours, fun characters and lovely songs definitely get his attention too. I can play the “Read me a story” option and he will be entertained for a while, basically until he decides he can “eat” the phone and starts putting it in his mouth! He also loves dancing along with the rhymes. He’s got some interesting moves must say.. haha


Anyway, we loved the app! everyone is happy, us as parents, too, because we can feel safe that they’re not watching anything inappropriate or not recommended for their age. As I said J hasn’t changed it for another one yet, so there you go, a win win situation 🙂


If you’d like to download the app you can find it on the following links:

What are your favourite kids apps? Have you tried Kidloland yet? What are your thoughts?
** We were given a 6 months subscription for us to be able to try and review the app but opinions have been genuine and my own.

********************************* Giveaway *********************************

As part of this review Kidloland is giving away FREE 3 months subscription to 3 lucky winners!
(Subscription details: £3.99/ month , £18.99/ 6 months , £29.99/ year)
You can enter the competition here:

Kidloland app 3 months free subscription Giveaway

Good luck!! 🙂

Family Fever
baby meals

What are my baby’s favourite solid food meals

A while ago we shared with you the best tips to know when your baby is ready for solid foods. It’s been a couple of months since then and our 8 months old baby boy has already decided which foods are the best, or “tastiest” for him, so we thought we should share them with you too. Just in case you might be running out of ideas…

So, we are weaning him off through the “finger foods” method, that means we give him the food in small portions, easy to grab and eat by himself. We have made purees every once in a while too, but most of the time it has been things he can eat on his own and breast milk, cause yes, I’m still breastfeeding him, and if possible, I will continue to do so until he turns 2, just like I did with J.

baby eating

Anyway…before I go deeper into breastfeeding, let’s go back to the meals.

Meal #1

Ham and cheese sandwich 

This is basically a slice of cooked ham that we roll up and cut it in half, some bites of cheddar cheese fingers, and a small piece of bread. We put everything on separate sides of the plate so he’s able to choose what he wants to eat.

baby meal

Meal #2

Homemade Fish and chips

Please, don’t, don’t think we go to a fish&chips place and buy him some, we don’t want to kill or baby! Homemade fish, usually cod, that I do in the oven or cooked in the pan with a bit of olive oil and oven chips, I put some mushed peas once but he didn’t pay much attention to them..

Meal #3

Macaroni cheese with Broccoli

I made this the other day, it was an absolute success. I boiled the broccoli along with the pasta and cooked apart the sauce with some cheddar cheese, a bit of butter and onion. When they were done I mixed them together. He loved it!

Meal #4

Omelette with natural tomatoes

I cut both things in small pieces that he will be able to swallow and he likes them quite a bit. I fry the omelette by the way and put the tomatoes aside on his plate. Sometimes I add some cheddar cheese bites.

Meal #5

Pasta Bolognese

I usually do it with my own pasata sauce, so everything is more natural for him. But I cook everything as usual, the only thing is that if I know he is going to eat from there I won’t add chicken stock and I will boil the pasta with just a bit of olive oil and salt.

eating strawberry

and his favourites bites are...

  • Fruits: strawberry, grapes and banana
  • Snacks: french yougurts, apple biscuits, leak and tomato cheetos
  • Meat: tuna, cod, salmon, chicken and ham

As I said before, when I know he is going to eat from our food I don’t add any salt to the ingredients, the same applies for sugar. I use full fat milk, if that’s part of the recipe and I usually breastfeed him before and/or after the meal, it is up to him.

happy baby

We are so pleased with his development in all ways that we feel very blessed and grateful for having such a strong, happy and healthy baby boy.

If you’re getting closer to that stage but are not sure if your baby is ready for solid foods you might want to read this.

Anyway, hope these meals give you some ideas! What are your little one’s favourites?!

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back to work

Letter to myself: going back to work after maternity leave

Dear me,

You are about to finish your maternity leave, behind there’s that first month when you thought that 8 months would last forever, that when you would go back to work your baby would be old enough to leave him, cause you know he is already 8 months old!

Now you need to face the reality, your reality that it is over and you need to be away from him 3 days per week. I know everyone thinks 3 days is just fine and you will be alright but you think different. And because of this, I want you to remember a few things:

mummy and e

Remember that you need to trust that you are not the only one that can look after him and make him happy. Daddy is alright too, you know.He might get confused with what socks belong to who, (E or J) but he knows how to make him laugh, how to calm him down, how to give him the cuddles that he needs when he needs them. He will be able to style J’s hair every morning, even if no plaits are made, at least a nice pony tail, and no fashion will be in danger since it’s just the uniform she needs to wear on!

You also need to remember that going back to work means you will have some “adult time” for yourself, and you don’t have to feel guilty for that. It is alright to step away sometimes to be able to see the bigger picture of life and appreciate the small things even more.

daddy breakfast

Remember that you are not super mum! capable of doing everything, from laundries to homework, from meals to bedtime. If you feel too tired at some point, you can leave a few chores for the next day or even better, you can let somebody else gives you a hand.

Remember that as in everything in life, repetition and consistence marks the difference, so you will probably have a hard couple of first weeks juggling family time with your new schedule but it will get to settle down and you will be able to feel in balance again.


Most of all, you have to remember that the option to choose is always there for you. If you think, at some point, you need to prioritise things on a different way is alright to say “no”. Whether it be to continue working, to become a stay at home mummy or even a full-time employee…The ball is always on your side of the field. Because you know what… “you are the captain of your soul”

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

From my most humble heart hope this letter will not only help me but help you as well. xx
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Diary of an imperfect mum


low cost airlines

Our Top 5 Low-cost Airlines for a family trip

Over 3 years living in UK, travelling twice a year back to Barcelona, either for Christmas or Summer time, or lucky us, both sometimes, has made us try a few low-cost airlines and we thought to ourselves, let’s do a ranking of our top 5 low-cost airlines for a family trip, shall we?

Before going into it, let us just clarify a couple of things, most of our trips, if not all, so far, have been from Manchester to Barcelona, so our opinion is based on that route. And, because we are not filthy rich, we won’t mention any of the other normal airlines, which I suppose can be an option for some, but if you want to travel on a budget and want to have a rough idea of what to expect from a low-cost airline when travelling with kids I recommend you to keep reading 🙂


So…without further ado…

#5 Ryanair

Price is usually one of the lowest ones in the market. Their website is quite easy to navigate in. They usually offer discounts for children’s luggage. All these pros have made us choose it more than once but it cannot be in number one because of these things: seats are quite small and not too comfortable, they don’t have a priority pass through the gates if you go with children, unless you have paid for it, like everybody else. Cheap tickets usually mean inconvenient departure or arrival times. You don’t want to have to leave home at 4 am with two kids because you need to be at the airport at 6 am…trust me, it’s not good for anyone.

#4 Vueling

Their bookings are quite easy to manage. Their staff is usually friendly. This is based on my brother’s experience when travelling from Barcelona to Manchester. I remember once they had to land in Birmingham because of a storm but they handled the situation quite well. They kept the people informed at all times and even the hostesses were quite nice with my little niece. Not in number 1 either because prices can vary quite a lot and the way they charge for the luggage according to your type of ticket is a bit of a hassle…

#3 Easyjet

They were our first choice for a few trips actually. Website easy to navigate, I really liked their app that kept me updated at all times. The inside of the aircraft was well looked-after, something that you appreciate when you have to breastfeed your little one during the flight…But it became too much having to get a bus from Manchester to Liverpool airport to then get the plane to Barcelona. Our “low-cost trip” would end in more hours and more money, and above all, more tiredness. If you’re travelling with little ones you want to make the experience as much enjoyable as possible, that means, short trip, quick nap and that’s it.

#2 Monarch

This low cost airline won our hearts on one of our trips. The seats are quite comfortable. You have priority pass when going with kids under 5 I think…not sure about the age now, but I do know you go first through the gate if you’re with little ones. Staff are friendly. Time flights are great, during the morning around 11 am maybe or then in the evening but not too late…The only problem? The price tickets…you wouldn’t consider it a low-cost airline depending on the time of the year you want to travel…

Finally, the “Oscar” goes to…

#1 Norwegian


We traveled with them this last Summer since they recently opened new routes from Manchester, among them, to Barcelona. Heard about this and went to their website. I couldn’t believe how cheap I got the flights for end of July til mid August, definitely high season for such a touristic place like Barcelona. Because of work we had to reschedule our returned dates and Sam had to come back on his own first. I was able to sort this out through their Live Chat quite easily. A very friendly customer service assistant helped me solve it by splitting the tickets so I could then change the dates on each of them separately. Must confess that airport staff were more friendly from Barcelona to Manchester than the other way around. We were even given a plastic bag to put our pushchair inside to protect it. Also their aircrafts are more spacious than their competitors, plus brand new, and you can tell the difference. You don’t have priority pass with them, not that I can recall at least..but hey, overall it was the best travel experience so far. Also flying times are great, late afternoon or during the morning. One little thing that I’m not too happy about though, I still don’t get how it works their cashpoints (when you sign up) because I didn’t seem to get any through my purchase…

Anyway…we are going to visit family in January, and yes, this time we had to appeal to #5 so the flight tickets could be within our budget, but hey you’ve got the list now! Where are you travelling next?! Share with us your favourite ones!


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A Mum Track Mind
The Places We Will Go
blogging jealousy

Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s blog

Although this is not family related it is blogging related but since the other day Sam told me my family blog seems like another child in our home we are talking about the same thing then… 😛

Blogger jealousy…have you ever look at somebody else’s blog and thought to yourself: mmm, how do they make it look so good?? I’m sure we’re talking about similar life experiences, in terms of parenting! but how come do they have thousands of followers and so many comments and mine is left in the corner like the kid that nobody wants to play with?

Oh well, I relaunched my blog 6 months ago when I had the urge to share with everyone our life changing experience of giving birth in the water and since then discovered my new passion for blogging. This new hobby has given me the opportunity to grow my social media skills, my photography skills and even my writing, not only in English but also in Spanish, as this is a multilingual family blog.

water birth

Giving birth in the water to our second child 🙂

Along the way though I had my ups and downs and in the aim of learning more and being more engaged with the blogging community I read other parenting blogs too. It was hard not to fall in the “comparing myself to others wagon”. Something that you should never do if you want to keep growing. The way I see it is like the horse that needs to wear those blinders to keep himself focus and go straight, listening to its owner’s directions. If you look to the sides, you lose the point where you were heading to. So the first rule to not covet your neighbour’s blog is

Don’t look to the side

Now, I need to clarify this point. Don’t look to other bloggers to see what they’ve got and you don’t to make you feel bad. Look at others with the spirit of wanting to learn and apply to your own blog what you think will work for you. I, for example, have come to like a lot  some blogs, ones for the way they tell their stories, other ones for their aesthetic, other ones because of how engaging and friendly are online… they all teach me good lessons, and yes, at some point I was jealous but I got rid of those feelings and started to enjoy myself much more.

The second rule is linked to the first one…Don’t judge others

This story will help you understand it:

“There was a little girl that lived up in a mountain in a very small, old house. From there she could see another house up in the other hill. Its windows were always shining like gold. She wanted to live in that house. She thought it was beautiful, not like hers. One day she decided to get a bit closer. She walked up to the other house. When she got there, to her surprise, the house was abandoned, not well looked-after, it had nothing to do with what she expected to find…however, from that house she could see her own home, its windows were shining like gold.” (excerpt from General Conference Women Session)


See? the grass grows always greener on the other side, or that’s what it looks like, right? Behind those perfect Instagram accounts, those lovely pictures of smiley children, behind that “perfect blog”, there’s an imperfect person with an imperfect life that we don’t know of.

The third and last rule,  stay true to yourself.


I always remind this to myself. Hopefully it will help you too. It doesn’t matter what brands like, what your audience likes, you are not writing to “please” everyone. Your blog, as jokingly my husband said, it’s like another child, unique, especial, you want it to be its best to its own pace, to its own way. This is not a race to get followers, everyone is the winner if we become our very best. For me, blogging has more to do with sharing my family experiences in the aim to find people along the way that will be able to enjoy them, feel somehow related and grow with us. Don’t be like anybody else, just be you, and the companies that will want to work with you, or the readers that will engage with you is because they like you just the way you are.. (yes, I remembered Bruno Mars’ song as I wrote that bit.. LOL)

Blogger jealousy? Life jealousy? at the end it’s all the same, nothing good comes from “coveting” or “envying” others. Share with us your thoughts! We’re looking forward to reading them. 🙂

bepanthen review

Time for Bed! #BepanthenBedtimeChallenge Review

Having a bedtime routine is important for everyone, but if you have two children under 5 years of age is just fundamental. I think that since our 5 year old started school full time we are actually getting better on that. We are being more consistent and follow some patterns that work for us. Previous to bedtime they have a bath, after that they eat their dinner and then I let the older one play for a little bit until is bed time. We have actually got to help our little girl to sleep all through the night! but we’ll tell you how on a different post later on.

Now we wanted to share with you our experience with Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment as an entry for #BepanthenBedtimeChallenge (sponsored by Bepanthen. Learn more at or

happy e

I’ll have to be honest with you, I am terrible at being constant on putting creams and lotions to my baby but I am lucky enough that he doesn’t get nappy rash that often. I thought this time I would give it a try and follow the guidelines everyday for his bedtime routine during 2 weeks. First couples of days didn’t notice any difference. One day for example, he went to bed with a nappy rash and in the morning it was gone although not completely clear. So I decided to keep using it to see if it would really make a difference. The second week I started to notice that his bottom seemed better and I didn’t need to use any other lotions during the day. In my opinion, that is the asset of this nappy cream barrier, that if I use it as part of his bedtime routine on a daily basis I don’t need to put anything else on him during the day and I have a “happy nappy-rash-free baby” most of the time! 🙂

Have you tried Bepanthen before? What is your bedtime routine like? Tell us what works for you!



What is raising trilingual children like?

Are you planning to raise your children trilingual? Would you like to give your offspring the opportunity to speak and understand more than one language?

Multilingualism for us is one of the assets we could provide to our family free of charge, but not free of effort, must admit.

Before you start doing it you might like to read our own experience as a multilingual family. When we decided to go for it I read everything I could about the subject so in the aim of bringing some light we would like to share what is raising trilingual children like not from a professional point of view but from a family who’s living it every day.

Having said this, please, keep in mind every home and situation are different but at least you’ve got one more to consider with this post.

My husband is Brazilian, so Portuguese speaking, I’m Spanish speaking and we live in UK, so children, well our 5 y.old, baby is only 7 months old, speaks English as well. It wasn’t always like that though. When we first married we used to live in Barcelona, a Catalan speaking city in Spain. One thing we had decided even before getting married is that we would teach our children our own languages. Main reason of that time: so they could be able to communicate with our families. I also wanted to teach them English but since it’s not my mother tongue I wasn’t completely confident about it.


no language barrier when it comes to football…Forca Barca!

When deciding what approach we would choose we came across the OPOL method. It stands for “One Parent, One Language”  Each parent consistently speaks only one of the two languages to the child. We thought that, either living in Barcelona or moving to UK, it could be the one that would work best for us. Since it allowed us to communicate easily with the children.

But it wasn’t about talking only…

We thought it would just be a matter of patience and speaking but raising trilingual children is much more than that. The first year our little girl was exposed to Catalan and above all Spanish. She grew and developed according to her age. Then we moved to UK when she was 18 months and English became her third language. I don’t think it delayed her speech but it obviously had some impact on her, as it did in all of us as well.  We even took her to the Ear specialist because we thought she couldn’t listen too well (this was when she was 2) it turned out to be her hearing was just being “selective” and she was just ignoring us whenever she wasn’t interested on what we were saying… -cheeky girl! I know- she was perfectly healthy and I was very pleased with the doctor who encouraged us to keep talking to her in our own languages. In his own words he said “This is an amazing opportunity you’re giving her in many senses”

What else apart from speaking then?

birthday girl

The Portuguese speaking side of the family 🙂 (just part of it)

Reading books in your own language or translating them as you read them, travelling to visit family, regular Skype conversations with them, teaching traditions from your home country and learning the new ones from your adopted one, and most important, being consistent, at home and outside, regardless of who’s around, regardless of the situation, all those things have been part of this process and without them our child wouldn’t be able to understand the three languages and speak “almost fluent” in all 3. She just turned 5 and started school full time but before that she attended a local nursery three times a week. She still mixes them a bit but she knows what language to speak with who. Hubby and I speak Spanish with each other so I would say that it’s the dominant one but we are working on that so she can speak Portuguese with him and doesn’t reply in Spanish. She replies in English who anyone that speaks to her in that language. And now that my husband’s family live closer she is improving her fluency with them also.

Giving her more than just the opportunity to communicate

Our main reasons to raise them multilingual where: family and better future and job opportunities. As time has gone by I’ve come to realised that it is also a fascinating growing experience that expands their minds and makes them more aware of other cultures, other languages, different backgrounds. It opens up their understanding of the world. She wants to speak Chinese because she said “There’s a lot of people who are Chinese, and how am I going to be able to speak to them mummy?” One of her best friends is Russian and able to speak some French so they’re always trying to learn new words from each other!

So what is raising trilingual children like? An amazing, hard-working but very rewarding experience. You will face funny situations and not so funny ones but at the end everything will be alright, and if it’s not alright, it’s not the end… 😉